Conversations from a combi
Conversations from a combi

On a Friday Morning, Voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole was riding in a Game City combi when he overheard a conversation amongst passengers on how Batswana don’t support other fellow Batswana.

LADY IN A WHITE BLOUSE: I believe Kast had made a name for himself. He’ll go down in history books as the first Motswana to walk 1000 kilometres from Maun to Gaborone.

LADY IN BLACK A SKIRT: That’s true. I read from the newspapers that he’s planning to either auction the boot he used on his walk, or donate it to the museum. At first when he started to walk, there were some doubting Thomas that were skceptical he’d make it.

DRIVER: Not everyone was happy about this walk But if it were a foreigner, especially a white foreigner doing the walk, many Batswana would have ululated and praised him.

LADY IN BLACK SKIRT: What I noticed is that here in Botswana scepticism is always deriven by jealousy, hatred, bitterness, and witchcraft. A Motswana isn’t scared to pass another Motswana’s shop, only to buy from an Asian’s shop.

MAN IN SUNGLASSES: If we’re to continue with that mentality, we’ll never prosper as a nation. Now I believe someone who once told me that the word “Batswana” comes from go tswana (meaning to promise someone to support them, and then later somersault).

DRIVER: If you want to find how we don’t tolerate each other, a Motswana would put muti from a witchdoctor in a company vehicle so that he’d be the only one to drive the vehicle.

The conversation ends as the lady in black skirt disembarks opposite Kgagaladi Plastic Industry in Gaborone West Industrial.

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