Based on a view story
Based on a view story

So we were invited to a private screening of a motion picture starring Veezo View at Absolute, this past Thursday.

It was an exclusive number of about 40, influential leaders in the industry.

Based on a view story
As guests awaited the anticipated motion picture to start rolling

Having a chat with the man of the hour, we got to ask him a few questions about the amazing piece of artwork he presented before us Based on a Views Story!

Based on a view story
Man of the hour: lights, camera, action Based on a View Story!

Q: The private screening was of international quality. Talk about your project Based on a View Story.

A: Thank you. Based On a View Story was produced by Ipelo Leshogo from Skeen Kieke.

It’s a story about growth in the industry, my thoughts at different stages of the game.

All this supported by super dope music videos in between.

Based on a view story
Veezo View with the producer behind Based on A View Story Ipelo Leshogo

Q: With your project, what were your expectations from your audience?

A: I just hope they enjoy the project and share it to the world.

Q: Was it intentional not to invite other rappers to the private screening?

A: Hahah! I did. I just wasn’t able to invite everyone.

Based on a view story
Artists: the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Q: Any local artist you would like to work with, but haven’t gotten the chance?

A: Bouncy

Q: Advice for upcoming rappers?

A: Don’t give up, there is enough for all of us and lets build.

Based on a view story
Music is life. Thats why our hearts have beats

Q: Whats next for Veezo View?

A: New merchandise is on the way.

Point of view is my next project after Pre Visa and drops September 1st. .

Based on a view story
Ready or not: new Cooligans Merchandise about to hit the streets this summer!

Q: Since Pre Visa got amazing feedback from the fans, when can they expect Visa to drop?

A: That’s a good question