Barclays Bank Botswana has introduced innovative training programmes to equip employees with skills to meet the challenges of their job.

This was said by Bank’s Ambassador, Alfred Majaye Dube, when delivering a speech at the Colleague Recognition Night (northern region) in Francistown last Saturday.

“As the leadership of the bank, we will continue to equip you with necessary skills to meet the challenges of your job,” Dube said amid a thunderous round of applause from the Barclays’ staff.

According to Dube, the equipping of employees with the skill to meet the challenges of their jobs is a direct response to the unabated ugly effects of the global credit crunch that hit the world in 2008.

Dube said Barclays Bank employees should realize that there is more work still to be done and many challenges to be confronted.

The global recession has not quite abated and the Barclays family can expect its impact on Botswana’s economy to continue, he said.

“This has a direct impact on us,” warned Dube. And to feign off the direct impact, Dube said equipping employees with skills is the only way forward.

He further stated that the bank’s continued sustainability as a business will require them to develop innovative products and strategies – and the successful implementation of these rests entirely on the employees’ shoulders.

In his message, Barclays Bank of Botswana Human Resource Director Richard Malikongwa said their employees are to the bank what Shakespeare is to English literature, it is almost synonymous.

“Our efforts as a bank from strategies to future plans are premised on our people and their ability to deliver,” said Malikongwa.

In essence, Barclays team is the engine behind the global financial institution’s success or otherwise in their endeavor to be Botswana’s bank of choice.

“With all Barclays’ employees taking their respective roles to the best ever value, the bank will grow and give its fruits such as economic growth, empowerment, development and better communities,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dube lauded Barclays’ employees for serving the bank with dedication and distinction. Dube said the employees have kept Barclays in the right position in the local banking industry.

It is through the employees’ selfless and tireless work that Barclays can achieve its strategic objectives, Dube said.

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