CHARGED: Ngele outside court

A Francistown barber has been detained for the brutal murder of his mother after a traditional doctor told him she was bewitching him.

Dibebe Ngele is said to have tied up his 63 year-old mother to his car with a chord before dragging her for about 8km along a gravel road between Borolong village and Gerald Estates.

Ngele who comes from Natale village is said to have knocked off from his tin barber shop behind Ngilichi House on Saturday and visited a traditional doctor who told him that his mother was behind his misfortunes.

Yesterday (Thursday) an incensed Ngele allegedly drove to the nearby Japane lands where he picked his mother and told her to accompany him to Francistown.

Along the way Ngele is said to have detoured from the Orapa road into the bush where he tied up the old woman on the rear bumper of his car and dragged her to death.

Tatitown Police station commander Superintendent Cyprian Magalela today confirmed the murder and that Ngele handed himself over to the police. “Our investigations are still at their infancy as the incident took place yesterday morning (Thursday). The suspect who is still in our custody walked into our office to report that he had killed his mother,” said Magalela.

“We are yet to establish why he killed his mother and how he killed her. He told us he killed her at around 11 o’clock in the morning. Ngele walked in here at around 1p.m,” he added.

When the police arrived at the crime scene, Magalela said, they found the old woman’s motionless body laying along the road.

“The body was found next to a Toyota Camry which we believe belongs to the suspect. As for now the corpse is at Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital awaiting a post mortem,” ended Magalela.

Ngele’s fellow barbers expressed shock at his actions and described him as a cheerful and kind colleague. “I know him and have worked with him for many years. He is a jovial fellow of sober habits. He liked to joke around. The last time I saw him on Saturday he was just fine,” said a barber who did not want to be named.

Ngele appeared before Principal Magistrate Thebeestile Mulalu this morning, and a plea was reserved.

OFF TO PRISON: Ngele was denied bail
OFF TO PRISON: Ngele was denied bail

He was denied bail and he will reappear in court on August 8th.

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