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Maybe government is not at all bad, when you think about the service we get from some of the financial institutions.  I think most of us Bankers have just decided to think like robots and talk like parrots. You can’t imagine the red tape that exists sometimes.
Anyways, I believe that as is the norm in most industries, people who are supposed to be serving you ‘forget’ the link between a customer and the salaries they use to pay school fees and mortgages. That’s where it starts. The relation between every customer and your electric bill is crucial.
Imagine this, I use mostly my credit cards and bankcards for my purchases. Now my Bank has posted the credit card but whilst still waiting for it, they say it I impossible for me to access the money because their credit cards are not linked to current accounts or whatever else Bankers say to ‘refuse’ straight forward matters.
As far as I am concerned the level of primitiveness and barbaric policies is just appalling in some of these Banks. They have already sent the card as I mentioned, they can verify that I am the cardholder by my signature, asking security questions and everything else. But, no, they simply can’t help! I think it’s crazy.
This is the problem with some of these institutions that are too big. The human face is now replaced by numbers and numerous policies to a point that it hinders that human-to-human interaction that really matters. They simply cannot account for   how my spending of their money makes them rich, because I am just a number.
Look at it this way, a customer approaches you for a service that you provide and you tell them you can’t help them for some ridiculous reason.  You give a silly reason such as being tired or you are simply sleepy to help. Ridiculous is it not? That’s exactly how some of these institutions treat us customers.
What can we really do to be heard by these big giants? Do you think they will listen? Please do not get me wrong, I believe in policy-making and rules. But I hate rules when they are an impediment. There should be no rule that says a customer cannot access their funds, especially if the Bank has sent the card late. The rule must be that the Bank should verify the customer, beyond reasonable doubt and have the customer access the money. Period.

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Chris M

I would have loved to see your face when you wrote this one! It’s personal and,damn, you are pissed off! But hang on a minute! You are constrained by a delayed credit card and angry it is not here yet? Uncontrolled credit was one of the huge gambles that led to this world-wide economic mess! So intead of heavily relying on the use of credit cards, we should ask the banks in Botswana to issue LASER cards, or equivalents, that only use your own money from your current account, avoiding having to carry cash while avoiding debt and not spending… Read more »

Hitman Saking

So Chris M what are you saying?? That its fine for Banks to provide poor service in an instance where someone is using their facilities such as loans (credit card)? The point the lady is raising is of poor service from the bank and not whether they are using a credit card or not. The Bank benefits a great deal from the service rendered to Karabo and as such they must provide good service to her irrespective of the kind of service she requires.


Can you imagine a bank which refuses to provide a bank statement to a company during monthend? And even refuse to let you check your own balance!
Those are some of the things some banks do. Its so frustrating.


Standard Chartered Bank is the worst believe me u

Chris M

Point well taken Hitman and no disputing that!


You aint seen nothing yet, go to Standard Bank in Palapye. If I had been to all banks in the country I would declare this bank “the worst service provider” . Im not even a regular visitor to that bank, but what I’ve experienced is enough to deter me from ever going there, let alone open an account. Barlays (Palapye) is also following suit.I think its high time our banks do more on service delivery.