SUSPECT AND LAWYER: Masoko and Yoganathan

Former boyfriend appears as the main suspect
A case in which a bank teller with Standard Chartered Bank was allegedly murdered by her former boyfriend four years ago, resumed this week at the Francistown High Court.

Gloria Zwemizi’s motionless body was found in a pool of blood at her Somerset East rented house in the early hours of the fateful Monday morning and his estranged boyfriend RodneyMasoko, 36, was later nabbed as the prime suspect.

It is still not clear how Zwemizi was murdered but her son who gave evidence, told the court that he saw Masoko standing in front of the house on the night when his mother was killed in cold blood.

21-year-old Sefiso Zwemizi, a student at the University of Botswana said he was awakened by his mother screaming for help and talking to someone over the phone alleging that Masoko was trying to get into the her house.

He said the police later came to their home and his mother then ordered him together with his younger brothers to go to bed assuring them that she was in safe hands with cops.

“The following morning I woke up to find people in the yard with my mother and another man I could not identify lying in a pool of blood in front of the house,’’ he revealed.

Another state witness, an army officer with the Botswana Defence Force, Oabile Seobe, who is believed to have been in love with Zwemizi resulting to her breaking up with Masoko, gave contradicting evidence to the court claiming that the deceased was merely a friend.

He said: “I went to Zwemizi’s house just to mediate as she called me saying someone was threatening to kill her.”

Meanwhile an officer, who attended Zwemizi, before and after the tragic incident, said the deceased told her that she woke up in the middle of the night only to find Masoko standing next to her bed and thus she screamed for help. Constable Kenewang Sekgere told court that when they could not see the suspect after a long search, the deceased then remained with Seobe.

He said when he returned some few minutes later he found the two sitting in the car and they again left them to attend to other things only to learn the following morning that Gloria had been killed.

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Go tla siama

nna ga ke utlwe gore ga tweng kana go pala sekgoa ga ke folowe story nthusang foo…


No ga se sekgoa, lenna gake hlaloganye, ke boeletse gobala 3 times i cant make sense out of it.


This is a bungled story, very difficult to follow events that lead to the killing of this woman. I guess the journalist who wrote this story is a trainee.


I think the journalist is dom
orwas drunk i cant follow.


I think the journalist is dom
or was drunk i cant follow.


Nna ke ithaya gore kenna hela,why should you write in riddles kante gone?aggg,


tota gago utlwale sepe gore gatweng.kene kere ke cheke dicomments gongwe ketla utlwa story se ke tsaya gore sekgowa se ntimeletse.


Who killed Gloria and who is on trial in this case? A friend? At least there should be mention about possibility of evidence. This is horrible reporting. Honestly, I don’t think the editor even took a look at it. I know why.November 12 was a friday and the editor was in a hurry to mingle for the weekend.


i thot that i m the only one ya sa utweng this article cn sum1 help us undastand this pliz.