Bangladeshi duo bailed
FREE FOR NOW: Hossain and Sajib during a previous mention

#Suspects in string of Francistown break-ins

#Freedom may be short-lived

Two Bangladeshi men thought to be at the centre of a string of recent warehouse robberies in the second city were granted bail by Francistown High Court on Wednesday.

The duo, 51-year-old Moshair Hossain and Mustafa Kamai Sajib, 38, are part of a nine-man gang accused of making away with P419, 200 worth of electronic goods (predominantly televisions) in three separate raids.

Having already spent 14 days in jail on remand, the two men will enjoy free air for at least a day after learning their urgent appeal for bail was successful.

However, their freedom may be short-lived.

Both Hossain and Sajib were due back in court on Thursday (15 November) charged with a fourth burglary.

The foreign couple, along with their seven alleged ‘warehouse’ accomplices and three other women, are accused of breaking into the Molapo Estates residence of one Ianping Zhoa on the 25 October.

In total, the 12 suspects are said to have made away with goods valued at P23, 780 in the night-time hit on the Chinese national’s house.

Outlining his conditions for bail, Judge Gaopalelwe Ketlogetswe ordered both men to pay a sum of P5, 000 each, surrender their travel documents and produce two Batswana sureties to bind themselves with P2, 500.

They were also instructed to report to Kutlwano Police Station every Monday and Thursday.

Whilst the Bangladeshi nationals were set free, their unfortunate co-accused – all of whom are under the age of 30 – remain in jail.

These include: 23-year-old Lazarus Bhebe, Kabo Ngwenya, 22, Joseph Kateya, 29, Khumo Tibone, 29, Edwin Sereme, 22, Chesta Mehlwa Tshelele, 28, and 22-year-old Abednico Mothaba.

As well as the Zhoa robbery, the nine men have been charged with breaking into Super Life Trading storeroom on the 9th of October and stealing properties valued at P157, 800.

The accused thieves are also suspected of twice raiding Nihama Pty Warehouse – on 20 September and again on 31 October – making away with P261, 400 worth of goods in total.

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