Baby mama drama
Baby mama drama

Hi, I recently broke up with the mother of my child in a not so good manner…and I take full responsibility for the break up; I think it’s for the best that we have parted ways.

She is now denying me access to our daughter and I vow to kill anything or anybody who comes between me and my child or tries to bar me from having a relationship with my child.

If I cannot be in my daughter’s life no one will.

The fact that I can’t even talk to my child on the phone kills me every day.

I love my child with everything I have.

I’m at a point where I can’t take it anymore and am about to do the unthinkable.

I keep getting a voice within me saying ‘do it for all the men who so want to be in their kids’ lives but are denied access by these selfish and self centered baby mamas who think that only they have all the rights to our kids.’

I have lost hope in our law regarding the issue of our children as I feel it makes these women use our kids to get back at us as much as they please, for failed relationships.

I am so close to setting an example that will have people talking for years to come. I will kill for my daughter.

I need help before I do what I feel is best.


What your ex is putting you through is not good at all; in fact it’s very bad…not only for you but for the child as well because she’s denying her access to her dad.

I don’t understand why some baby mamas like to use children to get back at their exes, but what I want to advise you is that you should not take any quick and drastic action like what you’re thinking of doing because it does not solve the problem.

The end result will only be that if you harm or kill anyone you will either be jailed or hanged for it and your daughter will grow up without a dad.

If you really love your little girl, do not put her through that trauma….please!

Let’s find a way to tackle this issue…I’ll help you find people who’re ready, willing and able to assist you resolve the matter in a more positive manner.

Before I answer you fully, can you tell me about the parents/elders?

Did her elders pay a visit to your family home to tell your elders about her pregnancy and did they charge you for tshenyo (“damage”)?

Have you not told your own elders that your ex is denying you access to your daughter?

I’d like to know how far you’ve gone with the elders/parents and then we’ll take it from there.

Please do not rush to set an example…there’s always a way to solve problems without resorting to extreme measures.

Hello again Gase. Yes, our parents did discuss the pregnancy and I was charged 6000 Pula that am yet to pay.

I have not told my parents that my ex is denying me access to my daughter but her parents are fully aware of her intentions to keep me away from my daughter.

I have taken care of my child since first week of pregnancy…before she was even born.

She is now three years old and I’ve been paying school for her since she was two.

I don’t understand how some people can be so cruel.

Okay; please allow me to make a few phone calls and then get back to you; while you wait, don’t do anything rash because you’ll only make matters worse.

Do not give your ex and her family anything to use against you. Please tell your elders what’s going on and ask them to go and talk to your baby mama’s parents about this issue.

That you have not paid the charge for tshenyo does not give anyone permission to deny you your right to your daughter…after all you’ve taken care of her from pre-birth and are paying for her pre-school fees.

You’re not an irresponsible father so there’s no reason at all for your ex’s behaviour.

I can only conclude that she’s bitter that you broke up with her but that does not give her the right to try and stop you from bonding with your daughter.

I just wonder…what kind of a mother is she?

I don’t understand how she can be so selfish to the point where she denies her own daughter access to her dad.

Thanks a lot I will be waiting for your help.

I will fight this to the end. For as long as I’m alive I will be part of my daughter’s life.

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