*Suspect reportedly strangles two goats in frustration

Having failed in his alleged attempts to poison his young family – including his baby mama and two children – a 25-year-old man is said to have strangled two goats in frustration.

The carnage, which took place in Diphuduhudu village last Monday (August 26), also left two dogs dead.

In what has all the trademarks of yet another attempted passion killing, Phanuel Arabang Dingaka, 25, is accused of poisoning food meant for his girlfriend – who he reportedly believed was cheating on him – and their children.

Although Baboleleng Ntume and her kids survived the suspected attempt on their lives, their animals were not so lucky.

According to sources, after her children refused to eat the contaminated meal, complaining that it tasted bitter, Ntume discovered faint traces of yellow powder in the food.

“She gave it to her two pet dogs instead,” said the source, addingthat within minutes, the dogs, valued at P2, 000, started vomiting androlling around in agony. They died soon after.

When he arrived home to find his family still alive, Dingaka allegedly flew into a temper, storming out of the house.

He is then said to have used a rope to strangle two of his girlfriend’s unfortunate goats – livestock, also valued at P2, 000 which he had previously given to her as a gift.

It is rumoured the couples’ relationship has long been on rocky ground, fuelled by Dingaka’s insecurities that Ntume was seeing another man behind his back.

Indeed the lovers had even split-up in the past but were reconciled by their parents.

Appearing before Molepolole Magistrate for arraignment this week, Dingaka was charged with unlawfully and, with intent to injure, maliciously administering poison to food.

He was also charged with willfully and unlawfully killing Ntume’s goats.

During the court proceedings, Prosecutor Batsalelwang Mosebola revealed specimens have been taken for testing at the forensic laboratory.

He did not object to Dingaka being granted bail, with the suspect’s freedom set at P2, 000 plus a surety of P1, 000.

However, it proved to be too expensive for Dingaka, who was not able to raise the required cash.

Instead he was remanded in custody until September 16, when he is due back in court for status hearing.

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