VICTIM: Mbambi

An abusive man who tried to knock some sense into his girlfriend’s head using an axe last December has been denied bail by a Maun magistrates court.

Moshanya Tutavuke , 42, is alleged to have hit his girlfriend, Shamba Mbambi, with an axe on December 27th at Boseja ward following a heated argument.

Last week, Mbambi who has since recovered from her ordeal pleaded with the court to remand the accused in custody as she feared he might fulfill his threat of killing her.

“I cohabited with Moshanya for a very long time and on the 7th of November 2017 he kicked me out of his house and told me that he had found a ‘yellow bone’ girlfriend. Surprisingly he persistently harassed me even after I moved out of his house and the police and our parents told him to leave me alone,” she said.

Mbambi told the court that on the day of the incident the accused harassed her at the Land Tribunal offices where she works as a security guard.

“He came drunk and misbehaved. I chased him away but I never imagined that he would have any plans to harm me in anyway,” she said and added: “Later that evening he appeared again at my rented house in Boseja ward and uttered the words ‘tonight I am going to kill you and kill myself’”.

A fight is said to have ensured between the two before Tutavuke resorted to using an axe. “I pushed him back, and he fell near an axe. The next thing I remember was the flash of the axe before I later woke up at the hospital with pains on my head,” she said and told of how she lost a lot of blood during the incident.

“I sit here today crippled because of this man. I cannot do anything, walking and talking is a challenge. My right side is totally numb and the doctors said blood leaked into my brain which is bad for my mental health,” said Mbambi with teary eyes as she addressed the court.

For his part Tutavuke denied ever breaking up with the complainant and told the he missed her. “I am hurt because Mbambi is breaking up with me in court. I admit to injuring her but we never broke up. If granted bail I will not follow her,” said the accused when pleading for bail.

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