Central Transport Organisation (CTO) headquarters in Gaborone appears to have served as a personal purse for some officers while the Francistown depot has seemingly become a loot box for some private garages.

Investigations by the Auditor General, Pulane Letebele, suggest that some officers in Gaborone have found a loophole through overtime allowances to hike their monthly income.

According to Letebele the officers have been claiming overtime allowances far in excess of their basic salaries as much as 5 or 6 times.

“For example, an officer with a monthly salary of P3 814 had claimed overtime pay of P20 450,” Letebele noted.

Despite government having requested Ministry Departments to restrict overtime work to the minimum, Letebele says the amount of claims reeks of possible misuse of overtime benefits.

In her latest report on government accounts, Letebele further revealed that when an audit was carried out in Francistown depot to determine the extent to which the subcontracted motor vehicle repair services to private garages were of assistance to the government departments in their quest to service delivery through transport efficiencies, she discovered that, “there were inordinate delays and other weaknesses in the provision of these repair services.”

In one case in 2013, a government motor vehicle was sent to a private garage for repair of a gearbox at a cost of P24 350.

When the vehicle was returned following the purported repair, it exhibited the same problem it had before.

However, following a series of talks and correspondences between CTO and the private garage, nothing has been done to fix the vehicle and the gearbox is currently missing.

Another vehicle was sent to a private garage for engine overhaul and three months later it had a knock despite having been fitted with new parts.

“An inspection by CTO officers had indicated that it needed to be replaced as it was unserviceable, resulting from the rebore, and the replacement block would cost P35 971,” Letebele revealed.

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