ATI to face the music over Maftown no show

South African promoters want their money back

ATI could soon find himself in trouble with the law over his no show at the ‘Maftown Meets Pitori’ gig earlier this year.

On the back of a stellar 2017, the ‘Khiring Khiring Khorong’ hit-maker had been booked to perform at the famous South African show, held in Mafikeng on the 31st of March.

However, ATI failed to make the event, posting on his official social media pages that he could not leave the country as he had misplaced his passport.

The statement read in part, “We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all those that had anticipated and paid to witness the performance of ATI but to avail. Due to unforeseen circumstances regarding misplacement of my travel documents, ATI was unfortunately unable to arrive and deliver as expected on the aforementioned event.”

The statement goes on to say, “All parties involved have reached a remedial way forward.”

It seems that may not be the case, however, as Voice Entertainment has since been informed of a potential legal clash brewing between ATI and the event organisers.

In a heated interview, Anne Ntefang, revealed they intend to take legal action against the tear-dropped artist.

“He has damaged our reputation and we are going to institute criminal charges against him. Botswana patrons were disappointed by his stunt and some confirmed to us that the passport was never lost.”

Ntefang claims ATI informed organisers he would not be able to make it just 90 minutes before he was due to take to the stage.

“ATI was booked for ‘Maftown meets Pitori’ 2018 to perform at midnight. With shock we received a call from him at 22:30 claiming to have lost his passport and was therefore unable to cross the border for performance,” stated Ntefang, adding they had already paid ATI his booking deposit by then.

“We had also booked four rooms for him at a five star hotel and his hospitality rider which tallied up to R5, 000. So far he has only returned part of the money but he still owes us an outstanding R10, 000,” continued the angry organiser.

Reached for comment, ATI said, “I issued a statement then and I still stand by it. It was an unfortunate incident where I lost my passport and I communicated the same with the organisers.

“I even went as far as to return the P8, 000 to them so I do not know what they are on about now!” added the award-winning singer, before concluding defiantly, “I am focusing my energy on positive things at the moment.”

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