Another year goes by and I now believe that time flies when you are having fun.  Most importantly, I gave up resolutions years ago and I just stick to practical things in life. 
Bottom line is that we are so lucky to be in this wonderful land of ours.
The world around us seems to be in turmoil. It was not so long when we heard of the Tsunami, Katrina and now Australia is flooding. If it’s not floods it’s just general unrest in Tunisia, not to mention our ongoing struggle of our Zimbabwe. I think by now, Batswana should appreciate that no matter how desperate we get, Botswana is one priceless country. If countries were to be auctioned, Botswana would fetch much more that some of the developed countries.
The question is why? I think that we have just been immensely blessed.
As much as we are still the jewel and pride of Africa, there is one aspect that is going to destroy all this. It is bad customer service.  I am sure we have one way or the other experienced bad service. Such a beautiful country going to waste.  When you think about it, customer service is really the differentiator when people are shopping around for serious investments. I imagine that the simple, most basic thought process of any investor would be to find out if Batswana are the kind of society that can accommodate ‘his or her’ family and if they would like it here!
We need to pick up our socks and put in our minds that we can’t be ‘beaten’ on service by South Africa.
Our neighbours are still amateurs in democracy and not only, but most of them only got exposed to proper schooling post the apartheid era. So how does that happen that we are lagging behind when we should be in a better position? Given the opportunities we have had, one really wonders what the root cause is. Are we simply not service orientated? Are we too casual and laid back compared to other countries? Are we too detached from the whole world and living in our bubble? Do we have a culture of being too carefree? Or are we simply rude and unkind? Or is it that we know that even if you have complained about service, nothing gets done?
It starts with each one of us to want to delight customers. Sometimes, you might be the only one has made them smile. At the end of the day ask yourself, if you would like to be treated the way you have just treated the next person? If tables turned would you accept that kind of service?

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