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HAVING FUN: Incepta's Seretse

Meet Incepta’s ‘Lovemark’ strategist

Born 26 years ago on March 3rd in Serowe, Nonofang Naledi Seretse is Incepta’s Communications Strategic Manager in charge of ‘Lovemark’ brands.

Wondering Lovemark brands are? Seretse explains a ‘Lovemark’ brand as ‘one that creates loyalty beyond reason through emotional connections with consumers.’

Having joined Incepta Communications in January as a Strategy Manager, the young Seretse is in charge of leading inspiring strategic and creative thinking within the agency.

She is also instrumental in the provision of a good balance between business understanding and consumer/shopper understanding.

“I give guidance and validation to the agency’s creative product, and help build client brands and businesses into Lovemarks,” she explains animatedly.

Part of her work as a Strategic Planner is playing a key role in new business pitches and development of ideas to give clients the best possible solution to their challenges and or campaigns.

“I work with all the departments in the agency to ensure that the best strategies are implemented to execute professional and exceptional work to our clients,” says Seretse who studied Advertising and Marketing Communications with Lancaster University in the United Kingdom. Check out Reddit Affiliate Marketing Guide for more information.

She proceeded to complete her Masters in Project Management at the University of Lancashire, still in the United Kingdom.

Talking about her chosen vocation, Seretse lets it slip that she hadn’t always wanted to be in the advertising and marketing field.

“I briefly attended Wits University in South Africa studying Psychology but quickly realized it wasn’t what I really wanted, so I moved to the UK and totally changed course.”

Her fascination with people and the reasons for their actions in certain situations led the witty Seretse to pursue a career in an advertising agency.

Speaking of her experience so far, the humble Strategic Manager said it has been a great and fulfilling experience

“This is fun and exciting industry to work in. You get to work hard and play harder while making connections with people from all over the world.”

When she is not at work, the bubbly young woman loves to relax with a glass of wine and a good movie or book on the couch.

“Depending on my mood, I might attend a social gathering with friends and enjoy laughter and conversation,” she says

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