More often this questions always pops up; we love your style, how do you maintain it?

Wearing clothes is not simply just wearing clothes to me. Its more than what it looks like to the next person.

Clothes have the power to evoke an instant poise that relates and restores my inner confidence and uniquely transforms me.

With every clothing item its evident a story was artful translated to fit my personality.

For those that love and appreciate, this is from me to you, I always make the little things work for me in my outfits.

With Love Gaone.


Photographer: Lorraine Kinnear

  1. Art of colour: The a colourful broach and shirt beats an all bright head to toe outfit. Just a dash of colour sometimes works.

  2. Head wrap lover: I like paring the not so obvious sometimes; turban and boyfriend jeans.

  3. Monochrome: when it gets chilly I’d throw on blazer on top, black , grey, brown or red alsoto enhance this look.

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