Arrested for blackmail and extortion
ACCUSED: Malebogo Balole, Gosetseng Zikhale, Thandiwe Tebogo Tlagae, Thomas Chentili Ndala

Four women fleece Doctor, 84, of P700 000, Underage girls in ‘rape” plot to incriminate doctor

Four women are facing extortion charges after they allegedly set up, blackmailed and succefully extorted P700 000 from an 84-year-old Gaborone medical doctor.

Malebogo Balole, Gosetseng Zikhale, Thandiwe Tebogo Tlagae, Thomas Chentili Ndala are suspected to have between March and April extorted the said amount by setting up Dr Tsheliso John Letsunyane to appear as if he had sexually abused two of the women’s underage daughters.

The two girls used in the despicable plot (names known to this publication) are 17 and 16 years of age.

Two of the women, Balole and Tlagae appeared before Extension II Magistrate Court on Tuesday while Zikhale was said to be hospitalized while Ndala had gone to the bathroom when the matter was called.

State Prosecutor Sub Inspector Mothusiotsile Mekgwe told court that all the accused persons were served and were aware of the arraignment date.

He said that he did not receive any information regarding Zikhale and the other accused person had told him that she was sick.

However Magistrate Ntombizodwa Ncube withdrew the matter to allow the prosecution to put its house in order and re-register the case at a later stage.

The Magistrate said the matter could not continue because prosecution did not know the whereabouts of the other two accused persons.

Court papers had indicated that one of the accused persons had invited the old man to his house in Gaborone where where the young girls were waiting naked.

The moment the old doctor stepped in, the other accused immediately snapped pictures of him with the naked girls.

The four women then allegedly used the pictures to blackmail the victim, threatening to distribute his pictures with naked girls on social media and to report him to the police for rape.

After he was fleeced of P700 00, Dr Letsunyane reported the matter to Central Police Station when the accused persons demanded P300 000 more to make a whopping P1 million.

He has a proof of money transfers to the women’s accounts.

The four were detained and released after 48 hours pending police investigations.

Efforts to reach Dr Letsunyane were not successful as his phone rang unanswered.

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