Police investigate charge against man who shot and killed intruder

Four weeks after a prominent Francistown businessman shot and killed an intruder, police are still investigating a possible charge against him.The Motswana businessman of Indian origin, Naur Naresh was not arrested or charged while Francistown police continue with investigations.

Naresh killed 38-year-old Jeremiah Champion from shashemooke whom the police described as their  ‘regular customer’ when he found the suspected burglar allegedly attempting to steal a car radio one fateful morning.
He phoned the police immediately after the incident to report that he had killed the man in self defense, police have said in an interview.

Quashing fears that Naresh could be getting away with acrime if he did not get investigated and possibly charged, Central Police station commander, Cyprian Magalila said that after investigations have  been concluded, a report will be sent to the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) to evaluate whether the police should lay a murder charge or not.

“His version of the story was that he was defending his property, so in the meantime all we could do  was confiscate the man’s short gun and licence.” Magaliala said
Jeremiah, police have revealed,was shot at close range on the chest. He died instantly.
Cautioning intruders to be careful to avaoid such potentially dangerous incidents, Magalila said the public was living in fear of intruders, and warned would- be criminals that their victims’ response might be fatal when defending themselves and their property,like in Naresh and Jeremiah’s case.

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