This is my final installment as I have reached the end of my personal 12-week challenge.

It has been a bumpy road but a fun one and I am not giving up in my quest to house my spirit in the body of its dreams. My original quest was to lose 17kgs for charity and raise P50,000 for BOSASNet. I succeeded in dropping two dress sizes; raised P25,000; built a toned physique; motivated others to get healthy; lost 7kgs and reduced my resting heart rate and insulin levels.

I have almost reached my goals but almost isn’t good enough.
Therefore, I have decided to carry on for life! I will not become demoralized when progress is evident.I love my new body and am happy with what I have achieved in the face of adversity.
Now ask you, dear readers, are you motivated to move your health and fitness to the next level? Below are some tips to keep you trekking forward. As for me, this is where I sign off but not out. You can still catch up with me on my blog: to be inspired and follow my progress on a daily basis.

Tips to Stay Inspired:

1. Get yourself on a Structured Eating Plan-
This means knowing what you are going to feed yourself during the week and keeping a lunch bag ready with emergency healthy snacks on the go.

2. Don’t Get Caught-
Get rid of the junk food at home to keep yourself from cheating. Let the weak moments at least be healthy weak moments where you binge on fruits or maybe just have a second helping instead of really sabotaging your meal with a caloric nightmare like a cola.

3. Moderation, the Key to Success-
Find the balance of what you can handle and stick to this. Decide what is really important to you. If depriving yourself too much makes you moody and unhappy, perhaps a longer term approach to weight loss will be better for you. Have your cheat day or your cheat meal but don’t let it turn into a string of disasters as you will be dangerously close to stepping out of moderation and into excess!

4. Join an Exercise Group-
If you surround yourself with people who are of the same mindset, you are bound to stay inspired. Natural competition emerges, you swap stories and give one another tips, and you become accountable. If you are into groups, try to find a fitness partner or get a personal trainer.  To get prevent weakness see the review here on Neuropathy.

5. Become a Mentor– just as I have done for myself, you can do for yourself. When you are busy teaching and inspiring someone else it is very hard to fall off the bandwagon and lose motivation yourself. You have people counting on you to remain positive and upbeat.

I am interested in your success. If you wish to share your own success stories, please email me at [email protected] and I will post your story on my blog.
Happiness, Health and Blessings, Thea Khama

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