Appalling farewell for Modenga

Moyo blasts BDP members for campaigning at coucillor’s funeral

Long before the former Francistown City Council (FCC) deputy mayor Lechedzani Modenga’s casket was lowered into his grave, the jostle for his post had already begun.

During the week of mourning some Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) hopefuls took full advantage of the gathered mourners to campaign for the position that fell vacant following Modenga’s demise, much to the annoyance of Tati East Member of Parliament (MP) Samson Guma Moyo

“As the ruling party, we must lead by example. We must be an example of unity as well as discipline,” said a visibly worried Moyo when speaking on behalf of the BDP at the burial at Gerald estates Graveyard in Francistown on Saturday.

Moyo added: “Setswana norms and culture require people to mourn the dead, especially of a person that you have worked and related with on a daily basis. People should not behave as if they wished the deceased dead.”

Appalling farewell for Modenga

According to Moyo, culture requires members of the public to give themselves time to mourn and introspect. As much as there should not be a gap and vacuum in leadership, Moyo said those willing to fill the gap should do it with utmost self-restraint and respect for the departed and not campaign at his funeral.

Moyo lamented that people cannot be stopped from fighting for positions left vacant even when the time is not yet ripe because it is natural and its human nature. “But they must be disciplined enough to follow BDP rules and regulations when doing so.”

Although Moyo could not be drawn into discussing the names of those who have already started jostling for Modenga’s position, this publication is reliably informed that aspiring council candidates are already on the ground, campaigning.

The incumbent MP (Ignatius Moswaane) and those aspiring to overthrow him later this year during the party’s primary elections are positioning their alliance candidates. There are also independent candidates within the ruling party that have openly showed interest, The Voice has learnt.

BDP is expected to hold its primary elections in preparation for the 2019 general elections in August this year.

Modenga succumbed to an undisclosed illness at Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone recently. He was buried last Saturday amid an intense jostling, a development that forced party elders to call for discipline in the midst of apparent campaign for his post among party members.