The President of Alliance for Progressives (AP), Ndaba Gaolathe is in talks with Botswana National Front (BNF), Botswana Congress Party (BCP), Botswana People’s Party and labour unions over a possible coalition.

When addressing the media today at his party office in Main Mall, Gaolathe said that no matter how they can ignore the issue of working together, circumstances do force them to take that route. “It does not necessarily have to be called Umbrella for Democratic Change; we can come up with other forms because the name and colour do not define anything.”

He noted that what is needed is decency, honesty, openness and integrity.

Gaolathe further mentioned that he has had informal talks with other opposition political leaders regarding a possible coalition. “Our informal conversation is intended to cultivate the type of relations among leaders that can take this country forward. I have hopes that these informal talks will lead to structured discussions.”

He said that for the coalition to work, the contracting parties need a set up which includes the original convenors. “ Re tshwanetse ra nna le Mabutswapele,” he said.

AP members broke away from Botswana Movement for Democracy after a bloody congress that was held in Bobonong.

The AP leaders have since made it known that they are not going to be part of a coalition that has the BMD and its President, Sidney Pilane in it.