IN HOT SOUP: Morupisi

My suspension is politically motivated-Morupisi

Permanent Secretary to the President, Carter Morupisi this week became the latest senior government employee from the previous administration to be caught in President Masisi’s anti corruption net.

Morupisi who faces three charges of money laundering, accepting bribery and abuse of public office was arraigned in court on Monday where a charge sheet was read to him and his wife and a plea was reserved while his next court appearance was set for next month.

Asked for a comment after his court appearance, the disgraced (PSP) sarcastically said, “ I hope Masisi wins elections. I hope he retains his seat.”

Following an announcement of his subsequent suspension on Wednesday afternoon, Morupisi who had earlier on told The Voice in a sit down interview at his home that he would be on leave for the duration of the case to allow for investigations to proceed unhindered accepted another interview at his home in the leafy suburb of Extension 11 to clear the mist.

Clad in black track pants and a simple black T-shirt accessorized with a blue cap, the suspended PSP ushered in The Voice Reporter to his home office, adjacent to his spacious living room where two men who looked like security detail were stationed.

However asked to comment on his court appearance, Morupisi refused to speak out.

“I will not say much on the case because it is still before the courts. Let the law take its course,” he said curtly
But when pressed further, the man who had become notorious for writing controversial letters to Masisi’s nemesis, former president Ian Khama, blurted out that both the charges and the suspension were politically motivated.

“This is all politically motivated. This has been hovering over my neck for over 18 months now. You know this! So you tell me what you make out of all this?”

Asked if he knew of anyone within the ruling party who could be plotting his downfall, Morupisi knowingly said, “You just wait and see!”

Morupisi has been linked to the Capital Management Botswana (CMB) corruption scandal, which has looted the Public Officers Pension Fund of more than P200 million.

Narrating how the matter, which culminated into a court arraignment unfolded he said, “The DCEC only came to ask me about this matter only once, and when they did I told them that I needed to have my lawyers with me in our meeting because they were talking of legalities, especially in relation to the CMB issue. The officers who came to me agreed and we all agreed that they were to come back at a later stage when my lawyers could be present, but to my surprise a few days later they rocked up at my office with the charges.”

When Masisi ascended to the presidency in April he made the fight against corruption his area of priority and focus and moved swiftly to fire Former Minerals minister Sadique Kebonang who together with his brother, High court Judge, Zain Kebonang were faced with money laundering charges from the National Petroleum Fund (NPF.)

The new administration also fired DIS Director General Isaac Kgosi who was later arrested and probed for tax evasion related crimes.

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