Disgruntled employees of United Refineries Botswana, an oil company co-owned by Tati East Member of Parliament- Samson Guma Moyo, stormed the MP’s constituency office this morning demanding payment.

In an interview with The Voice the employees said the oil plant has been closed for the last six months and that Moyo is yet to pay them. “We are owed over a year’s salary. We are not going to leave this office until we receive our dues,” said an irate Bathami Mbati.

Mbati said everytime they enquire about their outstanding payment, management resort to intimidation and divide and rule tactics.

“I was kicked out of my rented house and all my furniture confiscated by my landlord. I have lost everything because of this man. He has been dishonest with us, but today we are going to spend the night here, we have brought blankets,” added 44-year-old Jobe Mphato.

Managing Director, Mmoloki Tibe, has told The Voice that he was not aware that their employees congregated at Moyo’s office.

“Had I known I’d have attended them” he said.
“Yes..we owe staff salaries, but not for over a year. We have been paying as cash flow allows and at the same time explaining any delays and reasons for that. Salaries are contractual and have to be paid and we have re-assured staff that we shall pay,” he said.


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