American dream turns nightmare
SHOT TO DEATH: Mbiganyi Lashani

Motswana Shot and Killed in Chicago

After completing his studies in Chicago, United States of America, Mbiganyi Lashani, 41, obtained the much sought after Green Card and settled in America to pursue his dreams.

Two weeks ago the dream of success through sheer hard work and determination turned into a nightmare for the Rakops born film maker when he was gunned down under circumstances that are not yet clear to his family.

His elder brother, McDonald Lashani, only learned of Mbiganyi’s death on Wednesday at 5.30am – a full 10 days after his death.

Joyce Tsheko, a former Motswana colleague of Mbiganyi’s who used to live with him before relocating to California, informed McDonald of his brother’s demise after she read about him on a Chicago Homicide Watch website, which reported that “at 5.58am on July 29th, officers responded to reports of a gunshot victim in the South Peoria area of Chicago. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene and it later emerged that he is Botswana native, Mbiganyi Lashani.”

“It was very sudden and devastating. It feels like the way it would feel when someone has lost their child.” MacDonald said in an interview on Wednesday.

According to Website Watch in the past 10 days, there have been 13 separate gun-related homicides of black men in the Chicago area.

Ironically, Mbiganyi was a vocal advocate of gun control and sought to curb violence that mainly affected minorities.

His activism was galvanized by his tenure as a public school teacher where he once witnessed two of his students get into an altercation that left one dead.

Speaking after the incident Mbiganyi was quoted in the local press saying, “One was the victim, one was the perpetrator. I feel like that wouldn’t have happened if they had a voice of reason”

According to McDonald, Mbiganyi moved to the States in 1992 to pursue his tertiary studies.

After completion, he got a job and eventually qualified for a Green Card, which he duly obtained.

The last time his family saw him was in January when he attended a family function.

“He was thinking of relocating back to Botswana and was looking for a job here. He said he would take one [job] if he found it as he was tired of missing family weddings and funerals.”

He had also had enough of the senseless shootings in South Side Chicago as evidenced by his conversation with his family towards the end of June when he expressed shock and disturbance at the shooting of a friend in a row over some money.

He had expressed his dismay at the killing of a friend over a meagre $40 [find screen shot below] and consequently wanted to leave the States.

Homicide Watch’s Jeff Mayes reports that the autopsy reveals that Mbiganyi died of multiple gunshot wounds and his death has been ruled a homicide.

McDonald described his sibling as “a nice little brother who had always been sweet”.

When probed on whether Mbiganyi had a criminal record, he replied in the negative but admitted to only knowing what his brother told him.

Investigations have revealed that Mbiganyi was arrested on June 14th 2014 at 2am on Burnside Avenue in Chicago on charges of assault.

He was released later that day on a bond of $1200.

No suspects have been arrested yet for his death and details of the circumstances surrounding his death were not yet known at the time of going to press.

His family however, are in touch with the Botswana Consulate in America and hope for more clarity soon.

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