Am i bisexual?

Greetings! I’m a 26 -year -old man who loves women but I’m reluctant to try my luck with them because if just one of them turns me down, I’m then afraid to approach others.

Also, I’m wondering if perhaps I’m bisexual because I have a problem of being attracted to some men, just to look at their penises.

Please advise me; how can I get out of this situation?

Perhaps you’re a shy person…or maybe you just lack the necessary confidence and that could be the reason why you’re afraid to approach women.

The fact is, when your feelings are genuine things happen naturally and often you’ll feel bold enough to approach the woman you love without any fear.

About being bisexual or not, I believe LeGaBiBo would be the right people to ask for assistance/advice.

Call their office on 3932516 to make an appointment with a counselor who can help you make sense of your feelings towards some men.



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