An alleged serial rapist accused of molesting schoolgirls while on their way to school has appeared at the Francistown magistrates’ court facing three charges of rape.

28-year-old Thatayaone Wabuya Nka, who hails from Sebina village was arrested late last week after a police manhunt following a series of rape incidents in Francistown.

It is suspected that the accused person had been targeting schoolgirls and offered them a lift to school before having sexual intercourse with them without their consent.

According to the police, Nka had been doing this since last year.

During his appearance before Francistown principal magistrate Thebeetsile Christian Mulalu last Thursday, Nka refused to plead to the three rape charges levelled against him, arguing that he made a confession to the police.

According to court papers, Nka allegedly had sexual intercourse with a schoolgirl on the 11th of February 2015 near Gerald Farms in Francistown without her consent after she was offered a lift to school in the morning.

Using the same strategy, Nka allegedly raped two girls on the 25th of February 2015 and on the 3rd of March 2015 respectively.

According to the police, the accused person would drive the vehicle into the bush with the unsuspecting schoolgirl on board before committing the offence.

With a child lock having been installed, police said it was difficult for the girls to escape.

On the third count, the court heard that he allegedly drove all the way to Japane settlement near Jamataka village where he sexually abused another schoolgirl.

Thapelo Mafishane, prosecuting the matter pleaded with the court to remanded Nka in custody as police investigations are still ongoing to establish their case against him.

To make the application strong, the prosecution called the investigating officer Sarah Mthetho into the dock to explain to the court why the accused person should not be granted bail.

Mthetho shared Mafishane’s sentiments saying police are yet to record statements from other suspected rape victims.

The court also learnt that the accused person has another pending rape case in Francistown.

Asked to speak, he could not confirm or deny the allegations against him.

He told the court that he made a confession at the police station.

Nka, a Blasting Assistant at Moolmans Mining (Pty) Ltd, revealed that two of the victims have forgiven him.

In relation to the other offence, he said he is consulting with their parents with the intention of hatching an out of court settlement.

The case continues.

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Latvia. Tādus nodot linča tiesai. Geni-
tālijas nogriezt. Lai dzīvo bez, citiem
par biedinājumu, ka bērni ir tabu!

I blame the girls how can they accept a lift from a stranger?


banyananyana le bone ba rata madi, kante sepodise seba ruta eng le gone malwetse a poka malaltsi a jaana. Nka le ene took advantage ka madi a mine, otlile go baka otla hlola a a bona ko dithweneng, tiro e bidiwa ee senyegile. banna nyalang leska la tsaya ka dikgoka.

Ah lefatshe le tla bokhutlong

Ditsame Baraedi

Ao! go lebega ele bana ba ba nnayane hle bathung

I may blame both of the two girls gre how may they lift frm the stranger whilist thre are some public transport……


Forgive him?no way he has to account for what he did..
and the girls really..accepting a lift from a stranger is never the smartest thing to do

Boitumelo Manyeula

Sepodise ke tseela gre lefa seruta it doesnt mean gre motho a tsee kobo ka dikgoka le rona bagolo re kgona go hiwa lift o sa e kopa,bohahla ke jaeng mo baneng basadi bale kana balela ka gre gabana banna, asehlodi seo setswalelwe.

Grace Singene

Ga twe an out of court settlement, wa swa ne motho wa lona. Ga e bereke eo papi. 10 to 15 years in jail will be good for you, gongwe e bile o a lwala o tsentse bana mogare kwa.

Malefo Bareetseng

Hei mo ke mathata,borre ba mohuta o tota ekare ba ka kalediwa,tota a ga ba bone bankane ba bone kana bogolo ke eng ba sa reke,o siame o tla a golela teng ko Zanthing ka o ipatletse

Primrose Obolokile Rammutle

Hello Batswana! Honestly speaking the so called NKA is a big threat to our nation. In this era of HIV/AIDS,HPV and other STD’S, No man should act like a bull in the kraal. Birds are even better than this man because they stick toone partner. Nka should be severely panished for his actions,he should be closedbehind bars for life.


Eish why a sa kope go nale go rape

the girls did not seduce the accused they were only offered a lift to school not to the bush to be raped, so why blame them. is someone sure gore Nka was a stranger to them? If you go to any hiking sport now you will find multitudes of people asking for lifts from strangers.


This is just soo inhuman. As people we have to behave like humans not like animals from different planets. These are just kids for Christ sake.


Yo o leka puso ke en asa reke ka gatwe wa bereka.o tlhoka badizo gore etle enne monna yo o itsin bana

joseph. R Themba

He s a serial rapist,he s cold not yet deadly,hop justic b done nka get wht he deserv,n 4 da poor lil gals God b wit them so thr b stron. 2 gv evidenc n heal,n Period until women stop complainin “women n gal child thiz n that”,n start fightin 4 thr rights by 1st bein independent as a gender n individuals not only whr it suids thm ,teachin gals tht they nid no favours especial 4rm men cuz tht means returnin it sm how,thz whr advantag exploitation N abuse coms,we see thz evryday gal go out wit no money… Read more »

Agg mann.. This man is a pure dog… May his Soul rest in jail..


Bo Nka are so disgusting to our nation Botswana, how can monna yoo odijeje jaana yoo o tiisitsweng ke ditshipi tsa mine force himself on little girls after offering them a lift. then are they have forgiven him and he is negotiating to settle out of court, he is very crazy, let him go to court a fithile bana ba godile. SE JA BANA KE ENE.