Francistown Principal Magistrate, Thebeetsile Mulalu, has ordered that a 24-year-old man be taken for psychiatric evaluation after raping a minor.

Thomson Alale, of Tatisiding, was also remanded in custody on charges of raping a 14-year-old neighbour over the Easter Weekend.

Mulalu made his judgment after the investigating officer in the case, Detective Constable Kebatshotse Jeremiah, asked the court not to free Alale.

Jeremiah said the charged man could not be freed, as he may disrupt the ongoing investigations.

The Constable also suggested that it was in Alale’s best interests to remand him in prison, as he may be harmed by vengeful Tatisiding residents.

“Investigations are fresh and he might interfere with them. The community is shocked and irate and we fear for his safety. We have also learnt that the victim suffered a broken right arm in the incident,” the plain clothes officer told the court.

According to police sources, Alale is likely to face an additional charge because of his victim’s injured arm.

Additionally, Jeremiah asked the court to deny Alale bail, as he has broken bail conditions for other cases before.

“He has another case of rape before the court. He also has a case of unlawful wounding before this court and he has violated bail conditions on them. The accused is a danger to society and should be kept in custody,” she pleaded with Mulalu.

After hearing the detective’s testimony, Magistrate Mulalu said Alale will remain a guest of the state.

“It is troubling that the accused keeps being brought before court. He needs to be taken for psychiatric evaluation,” Magistrate Mulalu ruled.

Meanwhile, Alale accused the police of having a vendetta against him and assaulting him when arresting him in connection with the latest rape accusations.

“I was assaulted by the officers who arrested me. I am taking some tablets and the police would not allow me to bring them with me when they arrested me. I am supposed to get more tablets from the clinic, but I can’t because the police have hidden my hospital card,” claimed Alale, who seemed unconcerned with the serious charge he is facing.

The case continues in a fortnight.

Alale will conduct his own defence whilst Sub Inspector Evelyn Chalebgwa will appear for the state.

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master kay

this boy must be hanged by the neck until he die..or the community of tatisiding shud take the law into their hands..o ikgatha ka go reipa..mcem

maths Lenaneo peter

This boy must die