In 2017 they were voted the most admired brand locally for their innovative designs, but after changing their design trends, clothing label- All Kasi, who started business in Botswana back in the year 2000 have told The Voice that they are going back in time.

All Kasi otherwise ‘AK’ are set to launch their all new– with a modern touch, casual wear line.

The line will include male and female T shirts, V- neck T shirts, Bucket Hats (spoti) Three quarter pants, Golf T shirts, hoodies, Jackets (three quarter zipper) as well as slim pants.

AK spokesperson, Kutlo Kemoeng, in an interview explained that “we will be going back in time to give Batswana the very thing that they appreciated us for. This does not mean we will no longer produce sportswear, but for the longest time we have neglected the very thing that made us who we are.”

Kemoeng further said “AK still remains your go to brand that has dominated locally for the past 19 years and maintained its status. We are directing our energies to casual wear but of course infusing what we had offered Batswana in the past with a more modern touch.”

According to Kemoeng the cheapest clothing their new line will offer will cost P120.00 while the most expensive item, the hoodie will be selling at P400.

“Because this is a year of re-positioning we have also introduced our all new ‘Reka Direct’ campaign. What this basically means is that Batswana from across the country can now easily buy from us and we deliver to your door step, wherever you are,” Kemoeng explained.

According to AK, with their Reka Direct which was piloted last year, the campaign means that the clothing company will now deliver orders countrywide and customers will not need to travel all the way to our shops.”

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