As we continue to recognize March as the “Month of Youth Against AIDS”, this week BOSASNet shares a few facts and tips about Alcohol and Safe Sex.


How and why alcohol affects sexual behavior?

• Excessive use of Alcohol interferes with decision-making and lowers inhibitions about engaging in risky sexual behaviours, therefore making it more likely to have risky sexual behavior.


• Alcohol abuse makes people intoxicated, therefore making it hard to take protective precautions such as using a condom correctly and consistently.


• Oral sex under the influence of alcohol tends to involve less discussion of safe sex practices than without alcohol, thus increasing the risk for STI transmission including HIV


• Alcohol abuse increases the risk of sexual assault, and that survivors are less likely to identify the sexual experience as rape.


Tips for safer and smarter sex


• Don’t take alcohol if you think things could get physical.


• Use the buddy system. If you go to a party or a bar, go with friends and keep an eye out for each other. Agree that you won’t leave without telling your buddy first. Sometimes a friend’s second opinion could help prevent you from making decisions that you might regret later.


• Remember that “no” means NO and passed out does not mean YES. Being drunk isn’t a defense for committing sexual assault. If you are too drunk to listen and respect a person saying no, or if you have sex with someone who is passed out or incapable of giving consent, it is rape.


• Be prepared for a sex emergency. Consider carrying two condoms with you just in case one breaks or tears. Both men and women are equally responsible for preventing STIs, and preventing unwanted pregnancies, therefore you should both carry condoms.


For more information about alcohol and other substance abuse, or to speak to a counselor in confidence, call BOSASNet on 395 9119 or 72659891. You can also visit our website or find us on Facebook.

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