After months of bad publicity Air Botswana top management have now come out in the open to assure their customers that all shall be well.

Delays in flight schedule and technical problems experienced by the national airline, Air Botswana says, will be a thing of the past.

General Manager Ben Dahwa told a press conference last week at Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC) that the airline has of late attracted bad publicity and that he was determined to rectify the situation.

“As the General Manager of Air Botswana I want to assure you that we shall deliver on time. Air Botswana is the only national airline this country has. It is therefore important for me to assure you that we shall deliver on time,” he said.

He said in the past Air Botswana aircraft had technical hiccups due to old age.

He however said he has submitted a proposal to government which is the only shareholder, to finance re-fleeting.

He said he is optimistic that his proposal shall pass as government also has seen the need to improve Air Botswana.

He said it was important for them to be at par with other airlines in the region as they are competing for the same customers.

He described Air Botswana as the link between the country and the investors.

Dahwa noted that the country’s economy in terms of transport depends on the availability of reliable Air Transport.

“It is upon us to take criticism and improve ourselves. Our customers want quality service from all departments of Air Botswana. I am saying we are ready to provide such service. We are providing business tourism through our flights. In 2020 we want Air Botswana to be the best in the region, we need customer confidence,” he noted.

Dahwa says the first experience of businessman or tourist coming to Botswana is through the national airline.

“The future of Botswana is hinged on aviation. We are obsessed by doing things right for the first time. I am happy that I am having a conversation with customers about the future of their beloved airline. We should engage and talk freely on how best we can improve our pride that is the national airline,” he said.

He further told his customers that they will be given at least 90% of great performance.

“Please do not write us off we are intending to greatly improve. We need to enhance our technology and we need to change the way we have been doing things at Air Botswana. It is a painful thing to experience delays at Air Botswana, I have also experienced delays in some international flights but going forward that will be a thing of the past. Feel free to tell us your story should you feel hard done by us,” he said.

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