Air Botswana Hails Partnership
Air Botswana Hails Partnership

Air Botswana’s partnership with Airborne Lifeline Foundation has seemingly bore fruit as their benevolence has resulted in over 2247 patients receiving treatment in Maun, Francistown, Kasane, Gumare and Seronga.

The initiative – which seeks to transport specialists in a myriad of medical fields to remote areas in order to provide essential treatments to those in need, initially commenced with the assistance of the United States Embassy which has since extracted itself from the project.

In a 2 year contract, which may be extended subject to negotiations, Air Botswana has undertook to provide 6 airplane tickets a month to medical professionals who specialize in the fields of pediatrics, HIV, nutrition, surgery, orthopedics, TB, and a host of others.

When one conducts the arithmetic, the 6 plane tickets per month for 2 years results (plane ticket prices subject to fluctuations) in Air Botswana’s Corporate Social Responsibility budget exceeding four hundred thousand Pula.

Speaking at a press conference, Director of Airborne Lifeline Foundation – Tammi Mcallister elucidated on the relationship between Air Botswana and Airborne Lifeline Foundation.

She said; “As a result of our partnership, and Air Botswana coming on board, it has allowedAirborne Lifeline Foundation the opportunity to stretch our budget and continue to service other outreach facilities – with this help, an additional 135 doctors were flown to Tsabong, Hukuntsi and Ghanzi treating 1563 patients. This has been the biggest impact of all. ”