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I went out for lunch with a couple of friends this past weekend and in front of us were a group of some other girls. They were talking about something that got my attention; kana ditsebe tsone di tsaya fela le fa di sa lalediwa (isn’t it ears catch anything). They were talking about relationships and age, some were saying age is a factor in relationships while the others said age does not matter. As the disagreement amongst the group grew, I got more absorbed in their conversation. I know I wasn’t supposed to have been listening but hey, who could blame, it was an HOT topic.
So I ask you the very same question, is age just a number? Can two people be in a relationship regardless of their age difference? Okay with me, I don’t think age is just a number when it comes to relationships. Age counts big time! Well, I believe people in a relationship should be more or less the same age because they are likely to be at the same maturity level. That would mean you have the same expectations from each other, which will result in a long lasting relationship. No party will be pressurized into doing something that you aren’t comfortable with.
If I was to go out with a guy who is 25 years or older, this relationship is likely not to work because there is a high chance of this guy being much more mature than I am. Not forgetting much more experienced. In fact, there is a great chance that a guy who is 25 years and above would have been through 10 girlfriends before me, while I have had one or none.
There is also the matter of sex that will arise in the relationship. Most people my age are not ready for sex so just imagine going out with someone who is sexually active! Obviously we are going to differ when it comes to this matter. Being in such a relationship is just a call for heartbreak because there is a high chance of your guy fulfilling his needs somewhere else as you are not ready to comply. I’m not saying that all guys are like this but the majorities are like that. So think and think hard before you decide to get into a relationship with a much older person.
I’m not saying that all relationships with major age differences are not to work out. Some may surprise you and turn out to be as perfect as they can be. Just make sure you and the older partner talk about your relationship and what you both want out of the relationship so that you guys have an understanding.
Just a piece of advice my beautiful people, please don’t rush into relationships. Dilo tse ke mathata fela gape ke stress! (These things are a problem and can be stressful).

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uno uno

go tswa fela…Lorato ga le na dingwaga…


i am a guy who has never dated a girl who is younger or even ma age. i dated girls who are mostly 2 to 6 years older than me. when it comes to bed,,sex is just a normal game like Messy scoring Barthez who is much older than Messy and sometimes barthez can block shots from messy. according to me a relatioship counts only when sex doesnt match both partners. if so, then the other one had to move. some1 who is older than you doesnt matter..but if a lady is more than 6 years older than you its… Read more »


eish to most people age is not an issue but to me, age matters big time,like now i’m finding it hard to date someone whose the same age as my older sister.1.they would want too much respect from me,it would be impossible for me….
Nevertheless it solely depends on the individual.


Age is just a number my dear,i know young 18-23 year old girls who can keep a grown man’s attention..SERIOUS!! With me,i would never get caught dating a guy younger than or same age as me. Yep,there, i said it. Im into older men,a good 5-8 years older than me. Thats just my taste and preference. I want a man who would rather stay home with me than go to the club..

Aubza Ceaze

dating an older person to me aint cool coz i leant it the hard way believe me…her being older makes her feel used coz maybe she has collected this and that during her time….and the past relationships that went sour will backfire on ur sorry arse just for her to make ammends and mend her broken heart!!!i think when i am ready to love again i will target someone younger by 2 years or perfect match and age group!!!


age is not a big deal, as long as u guys are in the same place in life. it is very possible for a young woman to date an older man and have a long lasting, meaningful, fulfilling relationship. i for one has never gone out with anybody my age or younger, my first was 6 years older, my fiance is 14 years my senior and i am not weirded out by it. My parents are 10 years apart and they have been married for 42 years, it all goes with your level of maturity, and where u are in… Read more »


age is just a number as long as you love nna i m in love with someone 5 years older than me she is good in everything as long as u respect each other ga gona bothata

age is just age

age is just a nuber ot years you lived…..nna mma my boyfriend is 40 and am 23 its been 4 years we going out ,,and everytime i had younger guys they just slept with me then they start thie stories


AGE is jus n’thin as lon as le thuba marato a siras go sharp.lorato ga le tlhaole ope tlhe batho.a o motona,ao maswe,a o mohumanegi ga le maikgantsho.


kago thoka lesego a thokafala lorato la rona le le mogote.batong age ga ena mathata nna kene ke tshwere monna o 19 yrs older than me,a nthata tota,heelang re ratana kgaogantswe fela ke loso waitse.age ga ena mathata,mathata kefa lorato le shota.

When it becomes to ladies age is just a number ,but on gentlemen’s side is not just a number cauz her body gets old every time he gets a child and looses shape.


age does really matter coz one day you would wnat to have a family of your own and you wouldnt want to introduce a 50 year old woman as your future wife .to me rite i think going out with an older its in between meaning sometimes it could be fun and also not fun ,they turn to be controlling freaks coz the provide most of things like material which i belive they are buying young people to stay


Age ga se bothata fa mosadi a le monnye mo monneng le fa monna a ka go sia ka 25yrs go siame, mathata ke fa mosadi a le motona monna a le monnye. Fa ke gola kene keitse gore monna shud b more bigger than mosadi cos gone gotwe mosadi o tsofala ka pele yes it is true,so mosadi o tsofetse so little one ene o santse a batla then ke gore a be a ya go batla go ikgotsofatsa kwa ntle cos da old lady ene ga a sakgona lelapa le thubega foo. My advise basadi ratanag le banna… Read more »


batho ba re age does not matter then they tak of 5-8 yrs hey re bua bo ma 15-20 sum1 on a range of 10 yrs diff is fyn.

age is not jst a number.imagine a 18yrs old girl dating a man who is same age as her father iznt it irritating cz that man is obviously taking advantage of that kid while the kid is blinded by the monies or material thats not love or imagine a woman 45yrs dating a 25 yrs old guy and they get married,a woman at that age would have atleast 2 kids 1 of them same age as mummy z husbund,would s/he even want to talk to that brat who z said to be his father a lekana le ene???!gape tota what… Read more »

Name (required)

Dis isue ya age hav bn brought by our old men bane bale lefufa,u’l remembr dat lefa go tlhabilwe kgomo bane baja dinama tse di monate gote ke tsa banna(diphilo,mokoto…),so they wanted da ladys 2 bcome young til bone ba tsofala(men),then ladys ba sala ba sokola bale nosi ba batla thuso ya mdala ene a lapile. My suggestion is dont allow age difference 2 b more than 10 either way!


I believe myself that age is a factor in a relationships, but because ladies mature at a rather younger age than Guys, they dont have to be the same age for their relationship to have a better chance to workout. Again we can consider that its not always the case that when people have the same maturity level their relationship have a better chance of survival, so this brings us to how the two parties understand each other. Before any commitments can be made there have to be a full of oneself and the other party. Again not everyone can… Read more »


Fuck age…wht we need is to fuck ok…


ke go tlhoka botho fela se se buegang, le bagolo batshamikisa bana ka dilo tsa bagolo, ha!ha!ha!


heelang too much age difference between a man and a woman and vise vesa is not sharp,say 15+ just ask ur self how many women this man have gone out with and how many men this woman have been in love with-when a man ur father’s age ask for love from u where are his age mates and u will find most of them are married ene o nnetse go kgekgetha ma 14 a sa nyale mo go tweng going accross generetions




age matters……aaah.mosadi fela o 34 le mosimanyana o 22… gone fela gore bo MD a bo bare ol they nid z fucking………..monna ke ene a ka siang mosadi for a minimum of 10.above fotshek…….


God created Adam and later on took a rib out of Adam to make a woman for him. This tells me Adam was older than Eve, not vice versa.So age matters. Lets be real guys!


he is 59 and m 28,but we are cool


his son is 40


age its a matter to m.mme le gale it depends dilo tse dingwe di ya ka 22 but i cant b in love wit 55 old madala.sory i wont


Age is factor to be taken into consideration, for me as long as its not 2 much gap i mean 10 years difference is cool..i mean a man older than a gal bt as for a lady being older it should not be more than 5 years



Age matters coz at different stages in life we hv diff interests. At 18 u wnt to party nd hv a lil fun, while ur 49 yr old partner wnts to get serious. A re tlhwaafaleng, dis doesnt work.

boy husla

age is jzt a numbr,as lon as u lv ich ada,satisfy ich ada and respct 1 anada

bob j

le a lwala lotlhe!!!! la reng tota


To me age difference matters a lot,imagina fela ur sister (suppose 19yrs) le monnamogolo yoo older than ur father,or ur younger bro(22) with a granny may be 34,really sucks,,,lehatshe le fedile tota…nd this older peeps has got nothing 2du with u,…ba santse ba tsile go le fetsa till bokgasa bo itelekela…whats wrong with ur age mates..or ba broke?..then u ar selln urself…prostitution fela…


age is just number

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age is nthn but jas a numba…maturity shud b da question at hand….

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@wateva…sa gago ke tsunami…ae fokotsa mma…10 years older and dwn is da way.


Autie ke yone e tshwanetseng go be a le motona mo mosading go ya ka nna. Mme go ya ka fa ke bonang ka teng thats not the case with many people.


i think tshepo is attracted to older ladies.why r u so concerned about this topics.but its okay,do what u fill wa itshelela melati.


age dznt matter if and only if the olda part z the man. mara wen z the woman eish!!! ga se gone sentle.

age ws ment to create respect btwn pple and hs nthin 2 do wth relxnshps. anyway itz an individual choice. physical appearance ke yone e mattaran, if u match yo partna i thnk its ok. mara le nne kelotlhoko le seka la dirisiwa.LADIES


If I was to date again, I would go for someone younger than me. Simply because all those of my age an up, are all taken by men older than me. But I would certainly date a woman, not a post high school girl. This is because at my age, they will see me more as a walking ATM or Choppies where they come to take their refill of cash or groceries to feed their younger lovers and parents. Gape apart from their energy in bed, they have nothing else to offer.Older young women are teachable. They can listen and… Read more »