Ian Khama
Ian Khama

 Batswana, wake up and smell the coffee

WE HAVEN’T written this column because of the government’s ban on advertising. Sounds so perfect but that is not the case.
It is just we got too busy with outer commitments including sourcing the ever evasive Pula. But there I go! And if excuses were money. Like most of my country people, I would be a multi-billionaire.

But the negative energy that has engulfed our country like a veldt fire has forced me to pound on my keyboard today. My people have lost the deed of trust and the happiness fabric is torn.
Batswana have been turned into a nation of whiners and expert complainers. Not that we blame them if you look at the situation of no water, no power and this is not to mention the lack of the Pula.

But when people oppose for the sake of it, and there is no voice of reason, then it’s time to retrospect and reflect! When it was announced that some billions of Pulas held in reserves will be used to curb the recession and beat the hard times we find ourselves in there was an outcry.

I was mesmerized because I fail to understand why this was not done sooner as the country sank deeper and deeper into a financial abyss.
If the powers that be want to steal the billions from the reserves, what is stopping them from stealing it now. Just asking?

There are some leaders who even encourage citizens to not use government empowerment schemes like CEDA, and others to better their lives.
They forget that this is our economy and the money doesn’t belong to the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) but to Batswana. Our tax, precisely! Batswana should wake up and smell the coffee.

We are aware of corruption where people who didn’t even have teaspoons are now multi-billionaires. Where they got their billions, do not ask me as the answer dear reader is blowing in the wind.
Oppose! But let us not oppose for the sake of opposing. The issue of the fading Pula is turning us into cannibals, where dog eats dog and where brothers turn against their own brothers.


We advocate for the importance of a change of governance. 50 years under one party rule is too long. There has to be an opportunity for others to ‘eat’. As for the politics of today which can be likened to sports, I remember telling Botsalo Ntuane, he can attest to this, whilst he was with the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) that as far as I was concerned, the BMD and the BDP were birds of the same feather.

Some BMD supporters are just too angry and bitter with the BDP and more precisely with the fact that they lost out on tender-preneurships chances. This anger is especially directed at President Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama Ian Khama.

What happens when he hands over the presidency in 2018? What next? Isn’t it possible, that the angry segment will just rejoin their old party.
The disgruntled group, may just hop back into the bandwagon after Khama leaves. There are factions within BDP and some vote opposition.

What if they join with the BMD and regroup? Just thinking aloud! The Botswana National Front (BNF) and Botswana Congress Party (BCP) are a story for another day. UDC is powerful and will definitely win the next elections if the BMD doesn’t regroup with the BDP Anti-Khama faction.

I am not a card-carrying member of any party but I advocate for equal opportunities for everyone. Give others a chance to govern our country and if they fail, vote them out.
That is democracy. Most politicians like Khama has said himself, are “vultures’ and it is true that politics is a dirty business, in his own words. And I agree. To be in power too long gives ample time to hide the skeletons in the closets. Yet we still treat politics as if it is a football game.

Fans donning bright party colours. It is worrisome. That the Gomolemo Motswaledi’s report, may his soul rest in peace, remains shrouded in mystery is a pure indication that politics is a dirty business indeed.

Where are the voices? We look at our parliament today. Where are the voices of those elected into power last year. Why are they so silent? The highlight has been Phenyo Butale being thrown out of parliament in Julius Malema of the EFF fame’s style. Apart from that the silence from our elected leaders is deafining.

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tsa bana bampa ga ditsenwe /tshwaelwe e tlare kamoso gole monate wena wa supiwa ka monwana,keep the good work,polotiki ke polotiki lol