HANDS OF AFRICA: Michael bidding his fans goodbye

32-year-old Michael from Mozambique became the third house mate to be evicted from the Big Brother Amplified House this season. 
The suave professional hairdresser who counts his father and Denzel Washington as his role models received the lowest country vote from his native country, Mozambique at 12.6 %, Namibia’s Bernadina got 17.3 % country vote, Confidence of Ghana scored 19.3 % country vote, Sharon O got 22.7 % from six country votes (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe), while the highest country votes went to Nigeria’s Vina who scored 27.8 % courtesy of Angola, Ethiopia, Botswana, Nigeria, South Africa and the Rest of Africa.

Vina and Confidence were second time lucky after escaping eviction with a whisker two weeks ago. The fact that Africa saved them once more; will give them a much-needed boost during their remaining stay in the Big Brother Amplified house. 
Michael whom some house mates like to call Miguel entertained himself by flirting with every woman in the house, his closest buddies being Sharon O and Confidence. Had it not been for Head of House, Vimbai who last week saved  Hanni and put Michael in her place instead, the Mozambiquan hairdresser could still be very much in the game.
During Sunday’s live eviction show, Michael looked calm after hearing the news and simply professed “I’m cool!” When  Bernadina was asked to leave the House in what turned out to be a  fake eviction, tears ran down her face. The gang escorted her to the big eviction doors, with Vina wiping away a few of her own tears.

After a very short interview on stage, the Namibian diva was headed off to the Tails House.

When she saw the Tails gang she screamed “I knew there was another House!”
However, Michael’s fate was confirmed as IK unashamedly told him he has been evicted. “I’ll miss the boys and Sharon O a lot,” Michael said in a muffled voice. He’s the third house mate to be evicted from the show. RSA’s Nkuli was evicted last week after Jossy of Namibia became the first house mate to leave. So far three house mates have been sent home, while the other one; Lotus of Tanzania was disqualified after a heated argument between her and RSA’s Luclay turned violent.

The Tails house took their turn Monday with their nominations of  possible house mates for eviction.
This time Botswana has every reason to be worried thanks to the Head of House, Danny who saved Luclay and replaced him with Miss P. 
Miss P finds herself pitted against, Uganda’s Ernest, and Tanzania’s Bhoke. 

At the close of Monday’s nominations, Ernest had the most nominations- six-followed by Luclay with five.

It appears Luclay’s explosive tantrums have made him very unpopular with his fellow Tailsmates.

In fact, his only friend seems to be Karen, whose popularity ratings in the House sadly, also leave a lot to be desired. Since walking into the Tails House, Luclay’s head has been put on the chopping block for possible Eviction  two times.
However, it seems he knows how to find a way to bounce back. When his fellow Tailsmates tried to send him packing after one of his infamous blow ups, he managed to beat fellow country mate Nkuli, who was shown the exit door.

Luclay -who had the most votes-, was saved from possible eviction by a last minute swap made by Head of House Danny. The two, though not best of friends are smoke buddies. Is it luck? This week you get to save Bhoke, Ernest or Miss P and I’m calling on all Batswana to rally behind our very own; Miss P.

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