Acquitted and discharged of scalding Phakalane coucillor

*Councillor Amos was the initial aggressor- court

Tears of joy flowed uncontrollably as she left the court free from assault charges this week.

The acquitted and discharged woman, Dipuo Leshage, 55 was overcome by emotions after the court ruled that she was acting in self-defence when she scalded Phakalane councilor, Tsholofelo Amos with boiling water.

The incident, which left the Umbrella For Democratic Change (UDC) councilor with lifetime scars on the face, took place on February 5th 2017.

Amos had attacked Leshage at her home in Broadhurst.

Witnesses told the court that the councilor found Leshage, dressed in Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) T-shirt and in the company of others when she started hurling insults at her for no apparent reason.

Evidence laid out in court indicated that the raging councilor caused a scene by calling out Leshage by her private parts and poking her in the face.

Amos, who was the complainant in the matter, is also alleged to have then tried to hit Leshage with a chair and a brick before Leshage retaliated.

Reading out the judgement in court, presiding Magistrate Tshepo Thedi freed and acquitted Leshage after establishing that Leshage had acted in self-defence.

Acquitted and discharged of scalding Phakalane coucillor

“She stands here today facing a single charge of assault occasioning bodily harm. With cases of self defence that caused bodily harm the court has to determine if the force used was proportional with the circumstances,” she said.

“It is also evidence that the complainant hurled insults at the accused, further calling her a destitute that will be buried by the council. She also followed her to her house tried to hit her with a chair and brick and the accused retaliated by pouring her with hot water from a jar,” Thedi read out the judgment.

The magistrate concluded and ruled that the complainant was the initial aggressor and that the accused was scared for her life as a brick can be considered a deadly object

“With regards to the injuries, the doctors confirmed my view that the injuries were proportionate to the circumstances and that it was self defence,” Thedi ruled before acquitting Leshage who left the court weeping in joy and relief.

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