CHARGED: Some of the suspects

Jaws dropped this morning as a crammed Extension II Magistrates court heard how one of the seven accused in the infamous Zoom night club murder has confessed to the Police.

So far about seven men are charged with the murder of one Jacob Bogatsu back in October last year.

The horrific murder was an instant national shock as the details of the murder were revealed.

Ironically, one of the accused persons is said to be a beneficiary of the Presidential parole.

Yesterday, one of the accused persons, 26-year-old Keolopile Moshotle said he had confessed to the police and given them names of the people who committed the actual murder.

SHAMED: Suspects hiding from the camera

He however said that it was not him who killed the man in cold blood.

“I confessed, I told them who did it. I am not saying I did it, but I was there, I saw everything and I am the one who assisted with the investigations, the investigations are this far, close to an end, because of my assistance,“he said.

Presiding magistrate, Ntombizodwa Ncube, was however not impressed with the slow pace of the Police investigators.

She warned the police that if they do not bring sufficient information on the progress of the case she would set the accused persons free.

“I am giving you 14 days and when we come back for the next mention, you should give me a detailed report on what is delaying the investigations, we have to commit this matter to the high court. It has been long overdue,”
“If it means you have to work overtime and or have more officers investigating the case then so be it. Otherwise I will give them bail if there is not much I can base on to keep these men in prison,” Ncube warned.

The accused persons, Nicholas Itshekeleng, Gobusamang Mothibi, Batshabi Montsho, Tshepo Mokolare, Keolopile Moshotle, Ditiro Reboeleng and Oabile Dibobo are jointly accused of robbing and killing Bogatsu in the wee hours of October 30.

The murder took place at the shopping complex housing the popular Zoom night club.

Eye witnesses have since told of how the man was ruthlessly stabbed before running away from the vicious gang covered in blood to a nearby Caltex filling, but collapsed and died near the entrance.
The case continues.


  1. Me and my friend were attacked around that area in March 2016, we were robbed and stabbed with knifes but what is surprising and also showing that the Police are taking this matter lightly is that they haven’t called us when they make arrest of suspects of crimes of similar nature. Please ask these guys how many cases of robbery do they have from that area and how many have been solved….