CHARGED: Chakalisa

A Francistown man accused of drug dealing was back in court this week charged with receiving stolen medical equipment and drugs. Charles Chakalisa, 34 charged together with two other people who were not in court was allegedly found in possession of stolen medical equipment valued at P4 870 80 at his Block 8 rented house sometime in 2009.
When he appeared in court on Tuesday, Chakalisa vehemently distanced himself from the charges which he said were trumped up against him by the police. Criminal Investigating Detectives (CID) acting on a tip off allegedly retrieved Chloraphenicol, Amikacin, Ephedrine, Cloxacillin and Penicillin injections including some Hypodermic needle and blades scalpels stolen from Nyangabgwe hospital in a search of Chaklisa’s house.

Unlike in his pending cocaine case for which he has engaged a lawyer to defend him, Chakalisa told the court that he was going to conduct his own defence this time around. Trial date was set for August 30 when Chakalisa’s co accused Maano Hloniphani and Kehakgametse Choba will be be expected in court.

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