Accidental Meditation
Accidental Meditation

I like to do one thing at a time. That way I can give the chore or the hobby or whatever my full attention.

That is when I do my best work.Unfortunately, most employers these days don’t see things that way.

Workers are expected to multi-task so they have to perform many jobs at the same time to the best level they can manage… which sometimes is not all that high.

Functioning that way for extended periods can be bad for our self-esteem, especially if we care about our work and our customers.

Doing a poor job is usually more stressful than doing a good one and apparently, being busy all the time at work can make it difficult to relax when we go home.

I say that because I often see people multi-tasking when they don’t have to.
You know; watching TV, talking on the phone, eating a sandwich and painting fingernails all at the same time.

I suppose some people believe they need to cram as much as possible into their free time because if they don’t they are going to miss out on life.

I can understand that, but I believe we actually miss out on more by trying to do too much. Basically, I’m saying the sandwich tastes better when we give it our full attention.

A bit heavy? Yeah, but don’t worry, it’s going to lighten up… after I delve into a bit of eastern mysticism.

I think the fact that yoga, meditation and similar interests are gaining followers in the west indicates people recognise they need help slowing down… and that there is something to be gained by doing so.

Activities that encourage us to focus our attention on one thing at a time, like our breath, our balance or a simple movement help us to develop concentration.

The good news, though, is that we don’t have to dress up like the poser pictured above to work on our concentration.

There is nothing wrong with joining a yoga class, but we don’t have to.

The even better news is that most of us meditate already, even if we don’t know it, and I think we would be wise to let ourselves do meditative things more often.

If you like to camp or if you grew up in the bush or if you have a cattle-post you have probably spent many evenings sitting around the fire gazing at the flames or embers and allowing your thoughts to go where they will.

Believe it or not, that is a form of meditation

and it is just as valid as wearing a flowing robe and sitting cross-legged in front of a candle.

Playing sports can also be meditative, especially playing games such as tennis or cricket where we can focus our attention on the ball.

Then there are activities like painting or playing a musical instrument that absorb our full attention so we are not interested in thinking about anything else.

Even things like listening to music, or drinking a glass of wine or smoking a cigar can be meditative.

The thing is, for that to be the case we have to just do that one thing and let it absorb our full attention.

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