A 68-year-old man of Gudikwa village in the North West District has accused security agents of beating him up so badly that his once unstoppable sperms are now useless.

Aritoko Dubu claims he was brutally assaulted by officers on 13 March 2014 – an attack he says left him infertile and extremely frustrated as up until then he was a baby-making machine.

Appearing before Maun Magistrates Court on Wednesday, where he is standing trial charged with trading in elephant tusks, Dubu stated, “My children never reached the age of three before I fathered another baby.

“But since the beatings, I have not made a baby. They have killed my unborn babies right from my waist!”

Outside court, the old man told The Voice he has six children with his wife.

“Monna wa Mosarwaga a tsofale! (A bushman never gets tired). I am still strong and able, but the beatings have destroyed my seeds,” he said, torn between pride at his past and fury at his future.

Dubu, who currently resides in Sechokola cattlepost, near Seronga village, is said to be popular with women in the area and has allegedly fathered several children outside his matrimonial home.

The aging lothario currently stands accused of trading in elephant tusks but says the police assaulted him and his family during the arrest.

“They whipped me on my waist. An officer from Caprivi (Namibia) kicked me on my groin,” he claimed, wincing in apparent agony at the five-year-old memory.

According to Dubu, in-between beatings he was suffocated with a plastic bag and fainted about four times.

Two other witnesses who were arrested and allegedly assaulted alongside Dubu, MapetekwaneNgandoro, 38 and Phuthego Nyangane, 32, backed up the older man’s version of events.

Dubu’s attorney, Lesego Phoi claimed the incident was typical of the extra judicial violence suffered by many criminal suspects across the country during former President, Ian Khama’s regime.

“The man suffered violent abuse at the hands of security operators. As you may be aware, during the previous administration, security operators were notorious for (dishing out) harrowing abuse, similar to those suffered by this man.”

Dubu was arrested around midnight at hiscattlepost following a tip-off in Namibia that tusks recovered from poachers were bought from him.

A 15-strong team of uniformed wildlife and security agents are said to have driven the three poachers to Botswana. Together with around 10 security officers, including criminal investigation officers and soldiers, the group landed at Sechokolacattlepost and made the arrest.

The poachers allegedly identified Dubu as their trader, but referred to him as‘Sechoni’, an identity he insists is not his.

During the trial, state prosecutor, Gomolemo Katholo did not bring any of these men before court as a witness.

Dubu further alleges that during the raid, police took over P30, 000 in cash from his hut – money he says was obtained from selling cattle. However, the cops maintain they found only P8, 800 which they suspect, but could not prove, was the proceeds of the tusk trade.

Ruling on the marathon five-year case has been set for June 20.

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