Baby mama drama
Baby mama drama

During my childhood there was this cousin of mine who used to have sex with me and I was 5/6 years old at the time.

Right now when I think about him I get so angry that my anger even affects my current relationship.

I sometimes feel I should report him to the police or just embarrass him in front of his wife.

Please Gase what should I do to forget all that happened?

I’m 25 now and still I have that hatred towards him. Thanks.


I’m so sorry that you were subjected to sexual abuse as a child.

There can be no worse experience than to be violated by someone who’s supposed to protect you.

How old was your cousin when he sexually abused you?

Here in Botswana, men such as your cousin have been allowed to get away with sexual abuse of children for too long, and it must stop.

One way or another, these men must pay for taking advantage of children’s innocence and robbing them of their childhood.

You did well to take this first step; now you can begin the process of healing, which may take some time but the good thing is that you’re taking action.

Stay strong.

I contacted a social worker and her view is that you need to seek counseling so that you can start to deal with your feelings of anger.

She thinks it may be a little too late to report the case to the Police because of lack of evidence as the rape took place nearly two decades ago; however, I still need to find out what the law says about cases such as yours and I’ll get back to you on that.

The social worker also feels that you need to try and forgive your cousin, for your own sake more than his…for your own mental and emotional health…and for that you need to go through counseling, maybe even therapy depending on what the counselor/psychologist sees as the best way forward.

WAR (Women Against Rape) in Maun have advised that you call their office for an appointment; if not, please tell me where you are based, so that I can link you with psychosocial support service providers nearest to you.

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