About The Voice

The Francistowner (Pty) Ltd is a company that has its primary objective the publication and production of a tabloid newspaper. The newspaper seeks to inform, entertain and educate.

The Voice recognizes and develops the concept that:

  • Entertainment and information are not two separate entities,
  • and that our newspaper must combine these qualities into a vibrant and colourful whole.

With this in mind:

  • We do set out to attract a niche market.
  • For one the reading population in Botswana is too small,
  • secondly the nature of ‘popular’ entertainment is to appeal to as wide audience as possible


  • Our view then is that anyone who can read is potential customer.
  • In achieving the goal of becoming Botswana’s best selling newspaper, with a print run of 30,000 copies we concentrate on ‘human interest’ stories.
  • Stories that people find interesting because they describe the experiences, feelings, culture of the people involved.

The News:

For many popular newspaper asignificant amount of their reporting revolves around the cult of the celebrity.

  • Without a significant pool of A-list celebrities locally, we have given the ordinary citizen ‘celebrity’ status by featuring their stories on our front pages.
  • Part of our editorial policy has therefore been to seek out and explore these types of stories, that reflect and affect our readers lives.

The style:
The Voice has adopted a tabloid format:

  • shorter stories, big pictures, bold headlines
  • the overall style encouraged journalist to develop a creative writing style.
  • We would not want for example, a business story to be written in a way that was not compatible with the rest of the newspaper just because the topics was deemed to be more ‘serious’ or specialised.

Thank God It’s Friday, Real Lives
TGIF or Thank God It’s Friday is a complete package of entertainment as well as fashion trends and profiles of Botswana residents from all walks of life. This section has featured Presidents, Ministers, Politician, entertainment celebrities, depicting them out of their offices and careers.
Real lives features the challenges faced by different members of the society and how they rise above them.

The Voice has been a recipient of several awards including

  • the 2008 Sol Plaatje Leadership and excellence Award in the region, in recognition of its efforet in reporting HIV/AIDS.
  • The PMR Africa Diamond Arrow which recognises Botswana leaders and Achievers and Companies doing most in their business sector to stimulate the country’s economic growth and development

Giving back to the readers
The Voice runs competitions throughout the year as a commitment to give something to readers.

  • In the Lucky newspaper a reader won P10,000 in January 2009 and several won prizes ranging from P100 to P5000
  • Other readers have won holidays at exotic places like the Delta, and other holiday destinations.
  • Some readers have won prizes to exclusive restaurants, massage and beauty salons as well as Voice memorabilia, t-shirt, caps etc.

The Voice is committed to its readers by

  • Publicising campaigns aimed at sensitizing the public about is sues affecting the poverty stricken and marginalised members of the community.
  • Through these campaigns many readers have reached out to the community.
  • The Voice Will Fix it aims to give readers a chance to realise their wishes and dreams where possible by getting them to write in about their wishes and arranging to make the wish come true.
The Voice Botswana's Best selling Newspaper

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Hi! The Voice crew, i hope u are all doing good neh! You guy realy help me a lot becouse am sumbody who hates reading but as for the voice articles no ways i sit, read and understand. i enjoy your facts of stories, issues of our true life, issues straight to points, “Puo Phaa” you help me make choice about my life becouse i learn what is happening around me through you guys. So keep it up.