Abort or die
DECEASED: Ogaufi Setswakae

*Woman killed for refusing to abort *Facebook chat reveals damning evidence.

Two weeks ago the lifeless body of a young mother was found sprawled out in a pool of blood in her yard in Mochudi.

On Wednesday this week, the man suspected to have committed the cold-blooded murder of 20-year old, Ogaufi Setswakae, appeared before a Mochudi Magistrate’s court.

The suspect, Othusitse Kgosimore, 24, was taken into police custody after turning himself in and confessing to the gruesome murder of his girlfriend.

As Kgosimore arrived at the magistrate’s court in shackles and under heavy police escort on Wednesday Morning, damning evidence gleaned by the woman’s family from the couple’s conversations suggesting that he could have killed her because she had refused to get an abortion emerged.

Outside the courtroom, relatives discussed in hushed tones Kgosimore’s abusive tendencies and pointed to an incriminating text in Setswakae’s phone that was sent a day before the murder.

The ominous message that originated from Kgosimore’s phone read; “O bona wena ke tsile go dira sengwe jaaka o ntshokodisa jaana, o tsile go se bona,” loosely meaning ‘you will get what’s coming your way for making me suffer’.

He had apparently found out that she was pregnant and had wanted her to abort the baby but she wouldn’t do it.

Another conversation between the two from Facebook revealed that soon after learning that he was going to be a second time father, Kgosimore who has a two-year-old child with Setswakae, immediately instructed her to seek abortion tips from her friends so he could terminate the pregnancy.

Abort or die
ACCUSED: Othusitse Kgosimore

The conversation, which transpired on June 15, reads in part; Ogaufi Setswakae: “bby kana ke moimana” (baby, I’m pregnant)

Oskidos Cheifmore: “Hela tha mma akere ke rile o senye” (Didn’t I tell you to get an abortion)

Ogaufi Setswakae: “Ka eng bby” (With what baby?)

Oskidos Cheifmore: “Ke kopa o botse batho bby” (Please ask people baby)

Ogaufi Setswakae: “Bo mang bby? Le wena botsa batho”” (Who baby? You should ask people as well)

Oskidos Cheifmore: “Ba ditsala tsa ga go bby ke ta botsa” (Your friends baby. I’ll ask around as well)

The sources also revealed Kgosimore’s violent tendencies in another set of Facebook messages, which read:

Ogaufi Setswakae: “ikile wa mpetsa” (you once hit me)

Oskidos Cheifmore: “ao mma dilo tseo di sa bolo go heta janna” (You’re still on long past events)

Ogaufi Setswakae: “Mo go nna di santse dile teng gankake ka thola ke di lebala” (They’re still on my mind and I won’t ever forget them)

Kgosimore was denied bail much to the relief of incensed relatives and family members who attended the court hearing.

The court had considered that he stays in the same area as the deceased’s family and also heeded the prosecution’s advice that he should be protected from the fury of the public.

He is expected to return to the dock on August 10th for the case to continue.

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