ABM University approached this academic year with an Open Day ceremony in a mission to showcase their programs that will equip learners with entrepreneurial and life skills. The business university held the ceremony that attracted many under the theme “towards the University of Choice”.
The university’s Francistown campus head, Svitsai Mujuri, noted that ABM’s mission is to provide entrepreneurship development through market responsive education, training, research, consultancy and innovative service delivery.
Mujuri revealed that, plans were at an advanced stage to forge a partnership with the Anglia-Ruskin University “that will enable our graduates to pursue further studies in both undergraduate and Masters programs.”
Apart from their usual program line up, ABM University launched other three professional programs of Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS), Chartered institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The programs will be offered in both full time and part time as to favour clientele needs.
Among the different stakeholders invited was the banking sector as they were said to be the potential beneficiaries and partners in ABM University’s business field.
“They will come in handy to offer study loans to our clients,” noted Mujuru.
Banks representatives in attendance came from Bank of Baroda, First National Bank Botswana and Standard Chartered. “Each of the banking institutions present here will have a stand. Since, the main objective of this open day is to market our products to professionals who may be gainfully employed in various sectors; you may get the opportunity to sell them various funding options of their studies,” she said.
ABM University College was registered in 1989 thus making it one of the oldest Tertiary Education Institutions in Botswana. The University franchises its examinations from Association of Business Executives in the United Kingdom. Currently the University is servicing 450 students of which some are graduating in June. The main campus is in Gaborone.


  1. That is a good move than the unsustainable and flightless dependence on government sponsored students,if they can invest more of their energy and resources in post graduate studies it will really benefit most of us who stay in Francistown because we want to further our education but we are currently encumbered by lack of any institution that offers further education big ups