SEEKING HELP: Abbie and her mom

The mother of 15-year-old Abbie Ntshabele is pleading for more help to pay off an outstanding balance of P1 044 280.50 (£69000) that was incurred when her daughter was hospitalised for a rare ovarian cancer known as Immature Teratoma.

Abbie caught the nation’s attention last year when her mother pleaded for assistance from well wishers so she can undergo treatment for the rare disease.

Her plea did not fall on deaf ears as money was raised locally and in the United Kingdom where they are currently based for the medical procedure to be carried out.

Speaking to The Voice from Nottingham in the UK, Tiny Ntshabele said she had passed the April deadline which she was given to pay off the debt adding that she is worried that the debt may escalate as it increases each time Abbie gets attended to by doctors.

Her other worry is that they may be deported for failing to settle the amount.

Ntshabele said in as much as she wants to come back home, it is impossible as Abbie has to be in UK for check-ups and more treatment. “She has to be here for the next five years for the medical team to monitor any recurrence of the tumours and all other complications that might follow her life saving surgery. I am currently sitting and waiting for whatever happens to us since our payment deadline was end of April,” she said.

Ntshabele also revealed that her visa status had changed and was not allowed to work in the UK

Some of the letters from the hospital where Abbie was admitted and seen by this publication state that failure to pay off the balance in three months might result in the offender being denied ‘the right to enter or remain in the UK’.

“I appeal to the nation to help me; I am in a position where I do not know what to do anymore,” pleaded Ntshabele.

Meanwhile Ntshabele also responded to some comments on social media questioning how she was able to send Abbie to school in the UK while claiming to be insolvent. “It is an offence for any child under the age of 16 not to attend school here that is why Abbie was still educated in the hospital bed during the six months she was admitted.

She said that her daughter who will be turning 16 this December is a patient who is in rehabilitation and that the medical team wrote letters to immigration to allow her to attend a mainstream school while they continue to monitor her condition.

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