SA Tourism showcases cutting edge digital technology at Indaba

TABLE MANNERS: January-McLean and participants admiring the Touch-Table

This year’s tourism trade, Indaba exposed guests and exhibitors to new technological innovations by the tourism sector in South Africa.

As a way of proving the tourism industry’s ability to reinvent itself in line with global trends in destination marketing, SA Tourism introduced the poken technology, a flash drive that is enhanced with an infrared-kind of concept, to encourage efficient networking. Instead of the otherwise strenuous task of scribbling details on pieces of paper after running out of business cards, participants at the recently ended In daba Expo had the privilege of using the wonder gadget, the size of an average flash drive to exchange information.

The poken technology, which facilitates more than 45 000 ‘pokes’, or exchanges of contact details, received widespread appreciation from participants. “It’s such a convenient gadget. I’ve lost count of how many contact details I’ve loaded in the flash drive,” said Portuguese travel agent, Marina Salimo.
“It’s such a multi task gadget and I can use it to swap virtually any information with other people. It’s also user friendly I can also load and save stuff from my computer like a normal flash drive,” said eBotswana videographer, West Gandawe.

Another SA Tourism’s admirable technology, the TouchTable, proved to be one of the biggest talking points of the event, allowing up to eight people to simultaneously explore the various experiences on offer.  The ultra-modern table was a first in tourism destination marketing, and is poised to be a continued hit as it travels the world as part of SA Tourism’s marketing collateral.


Richard Quest from CNN says that if you had to combine ipad technology with multi-media, video and state of the art interaction you would experience that kind of a table. He went on further to joke that, “although it would not fit onto the overhead storage on the plane, I can at least just lie down on it”.
A proud South African Tourism CEO, Thandiwe January-McLean was also full of praise for the new initiative. “The type of interaction demonstrated by the TouchTable is indicative of the level of engagement required to make an impact on the travel trade and consumer landscape of today. Initial feedback from exhibitors this year strongly support our quality over quantity objective,” she said.

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