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Yesterday (Thursday) marked the end of the month of Youth against HIV/AIDS and likewise, I just couldn’t let the month pass by without writing on it.
By now you should know that I am always thinking about issues that affect the youth and of course the whole nation. Well, this time my thoughts were of a law that I truly think will somehow realize our aim which is to minimize the spread of HIV, maybe not immediately but eventually I think the effects of this law will benefit the whole nation.

What do you think of a law that states that People SHOULD test for HIV every six months? And of course if you don’t comply, you get punished. Another law in relation to this is that people who infect others with HIV should be criminalized. Don’t you think that this will help curb the spread of the troublesome virus? Maybe then people will start being more cautious and others will stop infecting others with the aim of being equal.

Ok, I know that it’s easier being said than done, I mean it’s definitely not easy to track down who infected who in today’s world of multiple sexual partners. People are not married, we are never certain if our boyfriends and girlfriends are indeed faithful, so I guess it can get tricky when it comes to that. So what about narrowing it down to marriages, maybe then it will be easier to monitor. I mean married couples hardly use condoms right? Most ladies in marriages are at risk because their husbands never want to use a condom, basadi ba Modimo ba a gatelelwa. I’m not saying that only men do this, of course there are ladies who do this but the majority of people in a marriage who never want to use a condom are men. And of course, you can’t monitor your husband every second of the day, hence you’ll never know what he gets up to when he’s not with you. What if you become a victim in this case? Don’t you think that a law should be established to protect married women and men in these circumstances?

Then comes the issue of rape. If this law does come into existence, like in other countries that I’m not sure of, this would imply that a rapist who infects people with HIV be given a double sentence. I mean think about it, the majority of rapists know their status and unfortunately those who are HIV Positive tend not to deal with this very well. They resort to doing nasty things, like being promiscuous and raping individuals.  Don’t you think that this would indeed be a great idea, you rape, you get punished, you rape and transfer HIV, you get double or even triple the sentence.

Meanwhile, while we think about this issue, please stay safe, be extra cautious and stay faithful to your partner. Protection should also be done, though it’s not totally 100% safe but to be 100% sure do ABSTAIN…  And of course, view every one as Positive until proven Negative…   Stay safe guys…
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When I was at the driving school I was taught to assume that every driver on the road does not know what they are doing except me. This was a good tip and I agree with one of your last pieces of advice that before you get intimate with anyone, first REGARD THEM AS HIV POSITIVE UNTIL CONFIRMATORY TESTS PROVE OTHERWISE. If this tip can be held onto by all, there is no way HIV will prosper and defeat the people who abide by it. The adult national HIV prevalence(33%) is still one of the highest in the region. This… Read more »


Good point Rarefri, if we are to consider all people out there to be positive, till proven otherwise the batle against AIDS can be won. The problem that we have is that after a couple of nights together the trust mode sets in. Tshepo on the issue of compulsory testing people every 6 months, you will be stepping on human rights. Apart from that we do not have the resource to do it.On the law that criminalize deliberate infection of other people, the law is there. The only issue will be to prove that the person new before hand that… Read more »


For married people where did you get the stats that the majority if people who bring infection in the home are men? Ya gore basadi ba gatelelwa ke maka mma. Banna ba tshwenngwa go feta selekanyo. Its only that for them its mostly emotional abuse. In the case of women its normally physical and easy to prove. The use of a condom is a decision between the two people and if one feels they are being abused the law is there for protection