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I have noticed something really disturbing in this country of ours. I have heard of stories and rumors of girls and boys in a relationship without knowing that they are actually brother and sister.
There is this one guy that I know who found himself in this predicament. This guy dated a girl for about 3 months and then they both found out that they actually have the same father. Disturbing, I tell you, very disturbing.

When I heard about this I couldn’t help it but laugh, I mean it is funny but it is mostly sad. How do you react when something like this happens to you, what do you say to your father and what do you say to your boyfriend or girlfriend when you discover this?

Do you then break up or stay together because really you guys have never had that brother-sister relationship? It’s confusing man. Now this guy’s parents are married but the girl didn’t know her father hence they didn’t know that they shared a father.
Now apparently this man (the father) is a promiscuous man, he just can’t help it but have a lot of women though he is married.
The man has fathered kids left, right and center! Some of this mans’ sons have caught up with the father’s behavior and are now juggling girls like crazy.

Then I ask myself, what does this man say to kids, don’t have multiple partners because you just might get HIV? Hypocritical don’t you think? Now this man cannot even talk to his kids because he is doing the exact thing that he’s not supposed to be doing. Do you tell your kids not to do what you are doing but rather do what you say? What happened to leading by example?

I then thought of something, you know me, forever thinking of ways to better this country of ours. What about establishing a law that will limit men to father a certain number of kids with different women? Don’t you think that this will help in reducing the number of fatherless kids and those men disperse all over the country? Ok, I know it’s easier said than done, but think about it.

If a man, fathers 10 kids having 7 different mothers, and he gets punished, maybe 5/10 years in prison, don’t you think men will now think twice about fathering kids all over Botswana?
I think it would help, I honestly do, I mean I don’t think it’s ok for a man to have 10 kids with 7 different women, le fa go ntse go tweng bagaetsho, It’s immoral to do so. No wonder sisters and brothers date each other!

Now what’s disturbing even more is that some men ignore the fact that they have a lot of kids while some say that the only kids they regard to be theirs are those that are known by his family, those ba ba tletseng le naga, ga se bana ba gagwe,( those that are all over are not his). I mean what are the youth supposed to learn from this?  Something needs to be done guys and really quick.

And I know of some situations when the man dies, come his funeral, you’ll see all his kids coming from all corners of the country to claim what’s theirs.
The poor wife, not only does she have to deal with the loss of her husband, she has to deal with all this mans’ kids. O filthela okare bana ba teng ba a epololwa!
I suggest a law be established ASAP, if it’s already there, it needs to be seriously implemented. I mean we can’t afford to fall in love with our brothers and sisters!

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Chris M

Look, you cannot legislate on social behaviour or use the law to infringe on clear civil liberties. It would be unworkable and difficult to enforce even if you tried. The whole thing about promiscuity is lack of personal values, and it’s not one sided. Most of these women are to blame too. If these excuses of men did not find willing partners to do this with, there would be none or very little of this. We have been reading stories about young girls who have no shame in cheating with married men that they know for sure are married, some… Read more »


It won’t be long before feminist groups in Botswana lobby for a law that calls for all men to be castrated. The truth of the matter is that men are not responsible for the women falling pregnant. Women are. A woman knows her body better than a man does. She also knows when she is in her most fertile part of her cycle and she has the power to refuse to sleep with a man during that time. It is often the mothers not the fathers, who put their unmarried daughters under pressure to have kids. Often the men who… Read more »

Chris M

Oh, Rarefri, you’re way too hard on women, man! What about men who shame other men with their pathetic behaviour? Women should say no but these men should know that they can’t ask women to do anything inappropriate. Both sides are have a role to play in all this! In fact, I grew up knowing that real men protect their sisters and mothers, and take full responsibility for everything they do! No real man would do anything untoward and be proud of himself! They teach their sons how to treat women, by setting an excellent example! I have absolutely no… Read more »


go kwala leina la rragwe ngwana mo karateng ke yone tsela,bana bone fa ba ratana ba tshwanetse ba itsane batsadi pele


Good idea Diamond, unfortunately kgang e o e buang eo e tswa go tshelwa mmu ke mapalamente a banna ha mme Mma Nasha a re e dirwe. Dikgosi tse dingwe di ne di bua gore ga e ka ke ya re bonyatsi bo tswa go o lowe, ba ta go bolawa hela ka mokwalo. Ba bangwe ba re e tla a tsosa dikgothang mo malwapeng. Go ka tlholwa ko ditshekong go dirwa di partenity test, tse dingwe di rekwa jalo jalo. But all in all every child needs to know the name of their biological father. He may not be… Read more »