I wrote about some  men’s behavior of fathering kids  all over  the country with different women which I think is just  not on. I even suggested a law that would restrict men to father a certain  number of kids,  fatherless kids for that  fact.   I mean  some  Batswana men  have  10  kids  with seven differ- ent  ladies and  yet  they  are  still not stable, come  on now this  is totally unacceptable!
Now  remember the  guy  I wrote about, who  had  been   dating a  girl for  six months and  recently discov- ered  that  the girlfriend was actually his  sister?   And  this  is  all because the  father of these kids  is promiscuous  and just  can’t resist skirts passing him. You know how I’m always looking forward to your  responses regarding articles that  I write about to get  your different opinions on certain  issues.
I mean  after all,  Youth Affairs is not  only  about me  but  rather about us,   the   youth  in   general.  And   of course we always try to interact with our  readers and  get  their points of view. So with regards to the  article, these are some  of the  responses that I  received from  my  beautiful readers on the Youth Affairs blog  on The Voice website:

Voice Online

Chris M
Look, you cannot legislate on social behavior or use the law to infringe on clear civil liberties. It would be unworkable and difficult to enforce even if you tried. The whole thing about promiscuity is lack of personal values, and it’s not one sided. Most of these women are to blame too. If these excuses of men did not find willing partners to do this with, there would be none or very little of this. We have been reading stories about young girls who have no shame in cheating with married men that they know for sure are married, some friends with these men’s kids! It has moved from being adults behaving badly to involve young people! It’s disgusting stuff. It’s a moral issue that can’t be legislated up on. Stories of half siblings in relationships, some even discovering that they are blood relatives after having kids of their own, is a tragedy as this will lead to genetic pooling with defective children being born. Every one of us needs to start having values to be proud of and insisting on them. That’s the only way this can be stopped, including curtailing the spread of STIs.

It won’t be long before feminist groups in Botswana lobby for a law that calls for all men to be castrated. The truth of the matter is that men are not responsible for the women falling pregnant. Women are. A woman knows her body better than a man does. She also knows when she is in her most fertile part of her cycle and she has the power to refuse to sleep with a man during that time. It is often the mothers not the fathers, who put their unmarried daughters under pressure to have kids.
Often the men who are accused of fathering children are not even aware that they have done so, because women conceal the pregnancy and identity of the fathers. Ke ga kae o utlwa mosadi a raya ngwana a re rraagwe o thudilwe ke terena? (How many times have you heard a mother telling their child that the father has been hit by the train)? If you ask me, women are thieves of human semen. They steal it and conceive children and when they can’t stand raising them alone, they blame the poor men.

This is all their fault. If any law should be made, it should be the law to force all mothers to take their teenage girls to be on the hormonal birth control until they are married. That will prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as baby dumping syndrome and many will start having sexual relations when they fully understand their bodies. So don’t blame men for fertilizing eggs in irresponsible and often selfish women who do this for child support money.

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Lamour 72

Sa itseng batho go tshola ba santse ba na le tokololo…I mean that`s against the laws of nature. O mang wena o laolang go tshola ga motho yo mongwe?…tshaba tshutshu nnana, o iploke!!!