Many people tend to think going to the gym is for the rich and wealthy.

A visit to Molapo crossing proved that anybody who wants to reduce body fat or gain some muscle can train at a gym. Gym Instructor Ofentse Norman Sethibe took his time off from his busy schedule to explain the role played by a Gym Room.

In this interview he talks to MMIKA SOLOMON about wide ranging aspects of training.

Q. What type of business are you in?

We are in the business of fitness, many people call it Gym business. Our primary goal is to see people being fit.

Let me just add that our company is called Super Fit Gym and Wellness Centre, Molapo crossing branch.

Q. What does a gym or fitness centre entail?

We have classes for all different types of fitness. Let me mention them so that we can both be on the same page. We have indoor- cycling, aerobics, body building, aqua aerobics, Latin dance and Zumba, running track, Yoga and karate lessons.

Very soon we shall be introducing Pilates.

Q. Who can come to a Gym?

Good question. We cater for all ages in the literal sense, we take kids from 4 years to senior citizens.

Most kids take karate lessons from that age.

Our charges or rates differ from age. For example students have their own charges, parents, elderly persons and corporate clients have separate packages.

Q. How does one train?

You can train as a single member or a couple or a group classified as corporate that is about 30 people.

The good thing about our gym is that there more you are as group membership the rates become cheaper.

Q. May be you can expand on your answer.

We have five categories of membership choices.

1. Daily, 2. Weekly, 3. Three Months, 4. Yearly and monthly subscriptions.

Regarding training there are two types being the group and self training.

Also our gym is open 24 hours. Our instructors are always available from 5 am till 10 pm daily.

There is always an instructor in the Gym. Any new customer is given an induction by our instructors.

Q. Do you have personal trainers?

I don’t encourage personal trainers they are very expensive.

But gym instructors can take you through the whole process of exercising.

As a person who needs training you should know what is that you train for.

Q. What are the challenges that you face with your clients?

People want to achieve results quickly.

To have an athletic body it may take you 3 to 5 months of training.

Some customers don’t observe diet. But training goes hand in hand with diet.

Q. How about those who want to be trained by a private trainer?

We don’t prevent anybody to get a personal trainer.

We charge P2000 per month for personal training.

Another thing that we do is to assess your physic internally, but we do advice clients to check their physician first before they can start training.

Q. When is the right time to start training?

Anytime is the right time for training it is never too late to start training.

You just have to look at your fitness level.

Q. What are the advantages of training?

There are many advantages of training, to relieve stress, prevent coronary diseases, you create friendship with gym mates and you become productive at work.

For example if you train in the morning you are ready to work, you train in the evening you reduce the workload.

Training also increases bone density.

Q. How different is your gym from the others?

We are the only gym that is opened 24 hours.

We don’t believe in body building, we encourage people to train not just to take their money.

As an example when you are on sick leave we reserve your days.

Good luck sir.

Thank you very much please encourage people to visit any nearest gym for fitness.

If they can they should come and train at ours.

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