A family cursed


A family’s desperate prayers to lift the ‘curse’ on their borehole ended in tragedy when a member of the family snuck away from the ceremony and hanged himself.

In what the Kamayi family fear could be the result of an ancestral curse, 48-year-old Pejuane Kamayi left the heated, Zion Christian Church (ZCC)-led Sunday morning prayers.

As the ritual intensified, roughly a hundred metres away, Pejuane committed suicide, hanging himself from a nearby tree.

His body was found by his son shortly after the prayers ended.

Speaking to The Voice from the family’s Tjinarong cattlepost, located near Kareng village in the remote heart of the North West District, the deceased’s elder brother, Tjeruka Kamayi, was at a loss to explain Pejuane’s actions.

“He left no message and we are still in shock,” said the 61-year-old, shaking his head sadly.

According to Tjeruku, the family had called the church to help ‘cleanse’ their borehole, whose pipes and engine frequently broke down ‘mysteriously’.

He further revealed it was the church which prophesied that the borehole had been cursed by ancestors.

“Other churches besides the ZCC had made the same prophesy before, so the prayers took place at the borehole.

“During the prayers my brother became emotional, agitated and started crying. When he walked away from the crowd, I followed him and asked him what the problem was, but he insisted he was fine,” continued Tjeruku, adding that he then asked the troubled man’s son, David Kamayi, to keep watch of his father.

“He followed his father to their home. After the prayers we returned home. Shortly after that, David rushed here to inform us about the suicide!”

Tjeruku said they rushed to the scene, but stopped a few metres away from the dead man as they were afraid of contaminating the scene.

PLEADING FOR HELP: Ngautuu Tjinjeka

“We then called the police and within a short time they arrived and we helped them bring his body down,” he added solemnly.

The family maintains the deceased left no messages and they are clueless as to what could have driven him to take his life.

“His wife is a school teacher and she was in another town when he took his life. I had personally asked him if he was having any problems but he said all was well. So I still do not understand why he did this, he could have confided in me if he was facing a challenge. Our suspicion is that, his demise has everything to do with the curse that has been troubling our borehole,” concluded Tjeruku.

The suicide case is still under investigation by Sehitwa Police, Detective Superintendent, Tommy Kgaogano of Maun Police, has confirmed.

“The incident is said to have happened around 3am, that is, Sunday morning at the said cattlepost. The man was certified dead upon arrival at the hospital and we are awaiting post-mortem results,” revealed Kgaogano.

Burial is scheduled for this Saturday. However, the deceased’s cousin, Ngautuu Tjinjeka is worried that the family may have no food to offer mourners as Foot and Mouth has rendered their area a red zone, effectively turning the family into paupers.

“We are rich in terms of cattle possession but we are poor generally because there is nowhere to sell them. As it is now, we have nothing to offer to the mourners. We are pleading with anyone who can, to come forth to buy our cattle so we can go buy food for the funeral,” requested Tjinjeka desperately.

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