If there was any medication, even the illegal one that could improve one’s height, Mallya Mokute of Police V Basketball Club could have gone for it.

The diminutive basketball player from Mafikang ward in Kanye has run short of options.

“I ponder day and night what I can do to improve my height but nothing positive comes out of my daily pondering,” she said.

Standing at just 1.05 metres, Mokute has been disadvantaged a lot when it comes to being recognized as a basketball player in the country.

Despite being a talented player, Mokute cannot break into the national team.

The 19-year-old student at Megasize College in Gaborone has failed to live her dream of playing for her country.

She was instrumental this past Saturday when her side humbled Splinters 97-18 in a one sided game played at the BDF Donga courts.

Despite her height, Mokute who was playing as a point guard gave her weekend opponents a hard time.

She is slippery and good at attacking. Her off the ball movements are out of this world.

“I always ask myself what kind of a player I was going to be if I was tall. Was I going to be the best basketball player in the country?”

“I do not care if I am to break the law. Any medication that will improve my height, legal or illegal, I will take it,” said a dejected player.

However, she said she is becoming used to the situation. Initially she used to get worried a lot about her height.

Her head coach Kagiso Kalibwe said unfortunately there is no way she can improve her height at the age of nineteen.

“She has got the skill and her decision making is awesome,” he said.

Kalibwe said he is concentrating on improving her skill, pace and tactical approach saying short basketball players need to have certain attributes to give their opponents some competition.

“And she is responding well. Her confidence is growing by each passing day despite her height and I am happy for her,” quipped Kalibwe.



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